The Suicide story of Jared Benjamin High R.I.P

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Story number one: Jared Benjamin High

Never could have Brenda High imagined, her happy, loveable son would grow up to be depressed and tormented.

Ever since he was little, Jared was always up to something.

Whether it was trying to teach his kitten how to swim, and ending up having to get his mother to perform mouth to mouth to the poor little kitty, or having a skittles war with his friends.

Escaping from the backyard and running naked down the street as a toddler, having a passerby woman lead him home or learning how to ride his older sister's bike.

Jared was a happy child. When a person would see him, never would they imagine what the poor kid's future would hold.

Surely, it would be happy and bright right?

Well, they would be wrong.

When Jared was little, he had to get two tubes in his ears.

The doctors told the family, that when a person would speak in a normal voice, in Jared's ears, it will sound exactly like it would if he was underwater.

Really loud.

And this was the reason, Jared was unable to speak.

He would try and use hand motions to communicate with his family, so it was a relief when he got the tubes put in.

There was nothing wrong with him except for that.

But, is that really a reason to torment him? To taunt him?

However he may be on the outside, he's just like us all on the inside.

He has feelings, he has fears, he has emotions and he has dreams.

So, why bother him and cast him as a freak for one small thing?

In Washington State, lies a school that goes by the name of McLoughlin Middle School.

Just like any other school, McLoughlin Middle School has sport activites and of course... the usual rowdy students.

And bullies.

But, do these bullies truly know what they say and do effect children the way it did to Jared?

At age 12, Jared joined a baseball team.

And one day, after school, he made his way off the field, nonchalantly and unaware that danger was following him.

It was then, when he was in the gym, the bully made himself known.

The bully who was following Jared, attacked him and started to sock him.

When he went home, his mother became concerned and contacted the school.

Then in school, the vice principal took the two boys into an office together and asked them what happened.

The boys both said the other one started it first and both were suspended for three days.

After that, Jared became depressed and when he came home, he started becoming less and less like his self.

He would stay in his room the whole day and I would have to beg him to come to the park with me. He just didn't want to claims Jared's older sister Sonja Yearsley.

Nothing seemed important to him anymore, and he started to become less and less happy and he didn't feel like going outside and playing sports or doing anything fun at all, which his mother said was unlike Jared.

The family would have never imagined in there wildest dreams what happened next.

One day, Jared told his mom he wanted to stay home and his mom let him.

While she was at work, she got a call telling her to get home immediately.

Brenda left work and ran back home to see what was wrong.

What she found worried her immensly.

Police everywhere and when she went inside, she was met with the sight of police men lined up in the corridor, with somber expressions on there faces.

In the middle, sitting on the table, was her husband with his head in his hands.

He looked at her and said: Jared is dead.

The devastation hit Brenda like a truck.

And she fell to the floor, and started crying and bawling.

The thought probably wouldn't be able to register in her mind.

It seemed so surreal, her son, dead.

Imagine it, told to come home only to be told the person you love so much, killed themselves.

Dead, and so young.

Imagine that you were in Brenda's shoes and imagine you were told, the person you love so much in the whole entire world , god forbid, commited suicide.

Just think about it and imagine the pain you will feel.

That was probably how Brenda felt.

Except she wasn't imagining it, or dreaming it.

It was the hard, cold and brutal truth.

What happened, was that once his parent's left, Jared went to find a gun.

Finding a gun wasn't that hard, considering his father had a gun he used for hunting.

Then, he went up to his mother's home office, and called his dad.

He said and quote: Dad, I called to say goodbye.

And without hanging up, he shot himself.

And all because a stupid, ignorant jerk beat him up and no one seemed to care or show much support. He was punished along with the bully and the bully didn't get the punishment he should have.

No one comforted him or payed enough attention to him.

Don't let this happen to another person.

Help a person you see getting bullied, spread the message.

And remember Jared. Aged 13 when he died.

R.I.P Jared Benjamin High

September 23, 1985 - September 29, 1998

Son of Bill and Brenda.

Brother of




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