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Chapter Fifteen

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"Keep your eyes closed." Sam laughed, holding her hands over my entire face

"I don't see out of my mouth." I tired to say, but it was muffled by her hands

"Sorry." she apologized, wrapping her hands just around the top part of my face

"Is this really necessary?" I asked

"Yes." Jamie sassed

"Okay, on three, open your eyes. One, two, three!" She counted

"Oh my god! My apartment door! What a great sight!" I said sarcastically

"Yeah, we didn't really think this through. We need you to unlock it." Jamie nodded towards the door. I rolled my eyes and took out the key to unlock my brand new apartment. There were two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a very small kitchen with a breakfast nook. It wasn't much, but it was better than what I had. The first thing you walked into was the living room.

"Oh my god, Sam. This is great." I smiled, taking in the view. A white sectional couch was against one wall, and a tv on the other. There was a love seat rotated 90 degrees from the couch, and the curtains were blue floral that looked extremely vintage.

"Go look at the kitchen." Sam urged. I walked through the house to the kitchen. It had been filled with supplies like pots and pans, and plates, and silverware, and the breakfast nook looked like it walked straight out of a movie. A very cutesy table with four chairs around it, and a floral table cloth. Everything matched the color pallet, which was turquoise.

"I just know you're going to love the baby's crib. It's just absolutely gorgeous." Sam explained, pushing me through the house. She was right. It was a dark cherry wood, with a canopy on it. The curtains on the canopy were white, and they matched the curtains covering the windows. The changing table was the exact same thing, but without the curtains

"Don't you think you went a little overboard?" I raised my eyebrows

"No. I think it's just perfect!" Sam squealed

"It for a baby though." I pointed out, "Who won't remember what anything looked like." I laughed

"I just want the best for my niece." She tsked

"Your room now!" Jamie pushed me out the nursery door

"I'm going." I laughed softly. I opened the door, and I was not prepared for what I saw. A big wrought iron bed sat on the left side of the room, covered in lots of floral pillows, and a dramatically big comforter. A white dresser and desk sat on the right wall, and sitting on the desk was a laptop.

"I don't even know what to say." I shook my head back and forth, "You really didn't have to do this." I started to tear up

"Oh, stop your hormonal-ness. This stuff barely cost anything. Plus, that's what friends are for." Sam shrugged

"I swear, someday I am going to pay you back for everything." I wiped the tears from my eyes

"Think of this as a gift." Jamie said

"You guys are the best friends anyone could ever have. I love you guys so much." I wrapped them both in a tight hug, and we spent the rest of the night in the big bed.

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