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"Aye yall wassup. Im bout to pin ask questions so ask some questions nigga."

📌Ask questions

User1: are you and Jas still in touch?

User2: what do u think about glizzy and ari?

User3: how you get so fine?

"Alright i got three questions. To answer the first one about me and Jas. Tbh i think we inna place right now where its not about that petty shit nomore its just that we both really stubborn. Maybe too stubborn to talk shit out. So basically we in a cordial place right now.

To answer the second question about Glizzy and Ari i think they cool. Ion wanna sound like a corny ass nigga but they a good ass couple.

And for the third one its all genetics baby."

User4: do u think youll ever fall in love?

"Do i think ill ever fall in love? Um well it depends. Ya know me bein me and shit a nigga believe that aint for him and i really sometimes or most of the time be like fuck love because ion know what it really is and what it really stand for but thats only for in love and not just love. Because those are completely different things.

And why the fuck is this live so deep bro. Yall askin some deep ass questions. Loosen up cause im really that nigga."

User5: Jas joined

User6: jas joined nigga

User7: im dead but jas joined

"Wassup Jas i see you on here cant really ignore all the fuckin comments acknowleding it. Yall waitin on some fuckin drama aint it. Like i already told yall that this shit aint mean nomore. Like come on yall better than this shit so do fuckin better damn."

babvy.jasx: chill out they good they just probably thought u missed it or some shit chill out

"Jas you always the calm one like you know that shit aint sweet and you know they tryna start shit but its all good tho. Yall need to ask so more questions because this shit gettin lame as hell.

User8: whats your favorite color?

User9: whats your favorite sport?

User10: would you ever start a youtube channel?

User11: would you ever date jas?

"Ok i got me foe mo questions and im off this shitz. The first one is my favorite color which is blue. The second about my favorite sport which is baseball. I know imma suprising ass basic nigga.

The third one askin if i would start a youtube channel which i would say HELL yea but ian with all that vloggin shit cause thats weird as fuck. But id do some pranks and challenges shit like that ya know.

The last question is would i ever date Jas and tbh my answer is no comment.


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