Chapter 10 (Jungkook's Move)

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Jungkook's POV~~~

When you are nervous either time slows down or gets fast, actually the opposite of your liking. In my case, I was extremely afraid of asking (Y/N) out so time fastened. In a blink of an eye, there was a lunch break in which I acted super weird. Even I was mentally face-palming myself.

And just like that in a few seconds, the bell to off time rang and student rush out of the school like wild animals. Though (Y/N) waited for me. That's what I really like about her, she cares for others a lot.

I wanted to tell my hyungs about asking (Y/N) out, first but I was afraid that if she rejected me then I have to face more disappointment and shame.

As I was packing my things she was watching me with eyes full of concern. "Don't worry about me. I am fine just a lot going on my mind" I said and I had an awesome plan in my mind. Then we started walking.

"If there is something bugging you, you can tell me. If you want only..." She answered according to my plan. I grinned mentally but hid my smile. "Is it okay if I tell you?" I asked innocently.

She smiled and nodded. That was all going with the plan. "But I can't tell that to my hyungs. So is it okay if I take you with me to any café or something?" I asked with puppy eyes no one could reject.

She was hesitant, she should be, because I am telling her something that I am not telling my hyungs. But looking at me she slowly nodded. "I'll pick you up at 4."

I said the last sentence before we reached our hyungs at the front door waiting for us so we can go home together, and we did.

I was so excited to finally meet her and if things go well I'll confess to her. But at the same time, there is also the fear of rejection as I know she sees me her small brother. I shrugged all negative thoughts and look to the positive side.

Your POV~~~

It was quite confusing for me that why would Jungkook tell me something that he does not want his hyungs to know. Like I am a trustable friend, but still like BTS are his brothers from another mother. So why me?

I shrugged those thoughts away as I bid goodbye to BTS who was walking home with me. I didn't dare to make eye contact with Jungkook, though.

3 pm. It's still one hour remaining so I did my homework and took a shower. 3:50 ok so now I should get ready. As we were meeting in a café, I put on a simple outfit, jeans, and a top. Then informed my maid because my parents are not home and went to the café.

 Then informed my maid because my parents are not home and went to the café

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(Outfit 👆)

As I entered the café the bell rang signaling my presence. I searched the tables and found the familiar boy sitting there with a warm smile.

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