wild n out

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So today we have on my team hitman Jess Choco bean Michael
And on the black team we got conceited Justina v Matt dc young fly and guess caption my beautiful amazing girlfriend y/n
(Everyone goes wild)
Babygirl you ready

Yeah let's do this

Okay so the first game is plead the Fifth

Y'all know how this game go let's get it

Emmanuel comes up to y/n

So how u doing baby

Emmanuel stop talking to my girl like that

I'm good and u

Good so is Nick dick game better than his Rapering cuz if it ain't
Nick u can't do nothing right

(Everyone dieing)

Dick game strong y'all

Hitman come up to Nick

Damn Nick ain't she goerges

So y/n a dancer right


Who u think better dance her(come with some name)ski

Y/n get down from the stage and start wining and twerking Nick get up and start covering her

Y/n get ya ass up I'm beat you

Dj d make some out of this one

The black squad won

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