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@SelenaGomez: I just want to say sorry for being a total fool for the last couple of months. I made a total fool out of myself and I absolutely hated that, Harry and I talked about that when we were recording 'Burned Hearts' I told him that it wasn't intended to come out harshly and I didn't at all mean to hurt Riley. I'm very grateful that Harry has forgiven me and I hope that all of you can forgive me of how foolish I was to stick my nose into other people's life. It was very tough for me to go through the fact that Harry has moved on from me a couple of months back before he even dated Riley Tomlinson. Yes, I know it's my ex that I was with to record 'Burned Hearts', but now we are just good friends-not ex, just good friends and we will always keep it like that. I'm very sorry to the Tomlinson family I will never let this happen again. Riley and Louis, I hope you can forgive me (and little bethany). Your daughter is so beautiful I've seen all the pictures, I hope I can come over to visit her someday (:    All the love, selena xx

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i really didn't expect this to be honest. 


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