Chapter 1:

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It was a Thursday when my parents died. They were killed when our house burnt down. My brother and I were lucky enough to make it out I was only able to save an old pair of jeans and my favorite hoodie. After my parents died my brother went insane and killed himself. He was 17. I was devastated and had to go live with my loony uncle. I was 16 so I couldn't live by my self.

My uncle and I drove up to his house in his old silver Honda accord and pulled into the drive way. His house was old and rickety and it's paint was peeling away.

When he took me upstairs to show me where my room was I looked around and the room was pretty small. It had one window and a twin sized bed. There was only a mattress and a scratchy wool blanket. The window was caked in dirt and mold from all the humidity.

I put my clothes into the wooden dresser and wandered around the house. It was hot and clammy and smelled of mildew. I found myself wondering into the kitchen and found my uncle reading the news paper.

"So.. Do you like it?" My uncle asked

"Oh. Yeah. Sure" I lied.

"Well good. Are you hungry?"

"No I'm good. Thanks though." I replied and started back for up stairs.

"Oh.. uh Madi?" He called " you don't mind being called Madi right or do you like Madison?"

"Yeah Madi is fine" I told him

"Oh ok. Well it's almost 10 don't you think that you should be heading to bed?" He looked at me as if I should say yes.

" Um yeah. I guess so." I turned around and headed up the stairs to get ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and my long blonde hair. I put on my pajamas and sat on my mattress and stared at the wall.

There was a doorbell and my uncle went to answer it. There was a young lady speaking to him and I went to my door and cracked it to hear what they were saying

" Will she be ready in the morning?" the lady asked

"Yes she will" my uncle told her

"Dose she know?" the lady asked him

"Uh.. no. I did t tell her. I know that if I did she wouldn't agree with it so I just kept the drama to a minimum." he reassured her

"Mmm.. okay" the lady said in a bland tone "well she won't need to bring anything. She will be provided with everything when she gets to the academy, and if she wants to bring any personal belongings it can only be able to fit into a small bag-"

"Okay." My uncle interrupted her

"Okay. I will be here at 8:30 tomorrow morning. She must be up and ready in time for our flight." The lady told him and he closed the door. What? Academy? flight? where was I going? why didn't he say anything? I herd my uncle coming up the stairs and I quickly tiptoed my way back to my mattress so I wouldn't step on any creaky spots and I later down and pretended to sleep when he opened the door. He stood there for a good minute and finally left.

I laid there with all he questions running through my mind and soon fell asleep.

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