Chapter 9

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"You have a sister?!" Naruto asked excitedly.

"Yup!!! Her name is Himawari Uzumaki, she is the cutest girl ever!" Boruto exclaimed proudly.

"Yeah, she is really cute! I want to squish her cheeks everyday!" Sarada squealed.

"She looks like mom with whiskers and blue eyes." Boruto described.

"I have 2 children?!" Naruto exclaimed with full of joy.

"That's right! Old man!" Boruto gave a thumbs up.

"Stop calling me old Dattebayo! Why do you call me old anyway?" Naruto questioned.

"Well because you're old! Duh!" Boruto retorded.

"I'm 16." Naruto deadpanned.

"Ow." Boruto realised.

"Himawari is a prodigy too!" Sarada told them. "She is able to awaken her Byakugan when she was just 4 years old!" Sarada continued.

"I almost died that time." Boruto mumbled.

"Huh? Why?" Naruto asked.

"Well, It all started when i accidently ripped apart her teddy bear, and she kinda tried to, you know..." Boruto stated, shivering at that memmory.

"It was worth it though." Sai stated.

"I haven't even unlock mine yet damnit!" Boruto yelled.

"You'll unlock it in time." Mitsuki told Boruto.

"Yeah sure, thousands of years later probably." Boruto retorted while putting his head on the table.

"Alright, we need to go report the results of the mission to the Hokage now." Yamato told his team.

"Oh yeah! We need to hurry, Tsunade-sensei is probably pissed by now." Sakura said.

"BYE GUYSSS!!!" Naruto waved as he got dragged by his teammates.

They waved at each other and part ways.

As soon as they went out of sight, another person came.

"How much does the dango cost?"

"It'd be 5 ryo per 3 stick sir." Sarada smiled.

"What? Isn't it too expensiveee??" The customer whined.

Sarada's eyes are twitching but still had that smile plastered on her face.

Somewhere in another part of the world

"Found any signs of them? Sasuke?" Naruto from the future asked.

"No, not yet." Sasuke replied as they continued observing the area.

"Guys, i found cans of sodas and burger wrappers here. They must have been here." Sakura told them. The two men quickly went towards the place Sakura was observing.

They looked at the brand of those things. It really came from their time. They immediatly knew the kids were here. Especially Boruto with his love for sodas and burgers.

They then looked around and saw a small camping place. With woods in the middle which they assume was used for a camp fire.

People usually tidy things up after camping, guess these kids are just too lazy.

Apparently they found a picture on the floor, which they assume the kids accidently dropped them.

A picture of the 3 kids taking a selfie. In the middle of the woods. The kids looked happy, excited for whatever adventure is coming for them. Even though they knew their situation, trapped in the past.

'These kids got no fear', the adults thought while sweatdropping.

"The kids went that way." Sasuke pointed out.

"How do you know?!" Naruto asked surprised yet happy.

"I have the Rinnegan, Idiot. I can track where they went." Sasuke replied.

"Let's go." Sasuke told them as he swiftly went first. He couldn't wait anymore, he needed to find his daughter.

"Wait up!" Naruto and Sakura catched up.

They really wanted to meet their kids.

After some hours of running, they finally arrived. However they don't know where the kids are.

"This is the place." Sasuke told them.

"Where are they though?" Sakura asked.

"Not sure." Sasuke replied as he observed the area.

He knew that the kids went here, however he can't exactly track where they are.

They kept on searching for their kids. They are sure the kids are somewhere here.

"Ummm, Sakura-chan, what are you doing?" Naruto asked his friend who is now staring at a certain dango stand.

"Oh! Umm, nothing." Sakura snapped out.

"It's just that I don't remember a dango stand located here." Sakura stated.

"Now that you said it, There was no dango stand located here that time." Naruto told them.

Sasuke walked towards them.

"How about we buy some dangos and share with the kids after we find them!" Naruto told them.

"Idiot! We just said that this dango stand seems suspicious and now you say you want to buy it?" Sakura screeched at Naruto.

Suddenly the door was slid open.

"Yes we are open! What would you like to order?" Sarada said with a close-eyed smile.

"S-Sarada??" Sasuke stuttered, Naruto's and Sakura's eyes widen, speechless.

"Huh?" Sarada asked, she opened her eyes and realised who is right in front of her.

"PAPA?!" Sarada yelled, she went out of the stand and quickly hugged her father, her father hugged back.

Suddenly they were followed by another hug, this time it's a lot more bone-crushing.

"Where have you been Sarada? Thank goodness you are okay." Sakura hugged her in relief.

"MAMA!" Sarada hugged both her parents.

Naruto smiled at that, but where is Boruto?

"Oi! Why so noisy!" Boruto yelled from the window. Then realised too who are in front of him.

"D-Dad?!" Boruto yelled in disbelief.

"BORUTO!" Naruto went near him.

Boruto knew he is so doomed. He expects his dad to punch his head or punish him. He shut his eyes close.

But instead, he was hugged.

"Jeez, why do you have to scare us like that." Naruto asked. Boruto is surprised.

Mitsuki smiled at the sight, he knew it's best to not interrupt the family reunion.

Finally the adults are able to find their kids again.

They are really happy.

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