Virtual Friends

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Virtual Friends by Antony Alldis

Be my friend - say "hi" to me when I'm online

Although I don't really know you

We can get to know each other

Over time

But I don't really know you though, do I?

Can you replace a real friend?

Someone to go down the pub with?

Someone to go to the pictures with?


I really miss that...

My real friends from years gone by

All grown up, married with kids, and moved away

No one to go out with anymore, and share those social moments

You live hundreds of miles away, and yet we chat almost every day

About the weather, about last night's TV

Our hates, our loves

What turns us on, and what turns us off!

You know things about me

That no one else knows

Intimate thoughts and desires

That I have confided in you

And you, in me

From our bedrooms we chatter away

On computer keyboards

Spanning vast distances

In milliseconds

Are we redefining friendship in the age of the internet?

My 2,320 other virtual friends might think so!

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