WrestleMania 32 - Part 2 - Ricky + Vinny

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[not mine, credit to author]

A Ricky Horror Imagine

Word Count: 1,622

Warnings: none

Author's Note: Since the anon on here waited so long for this imagine, I decided to make it a longer story. This is the second and final part, I hope you all enjoy reading it! (Don't worry, I promise there's a happy ending.)

"What is broken can always be fixed."

The ambulance door slammed shut once Vinny was inside. He anxiously watched as medics tended to Ricky inside of the moving vehicle. Thankfully a hospital was nearby, so the ride wasn't very long. The ambulance driver pulled up by the emergency room doors and Ricky was quickly taken inside. Vinny ran close behind the hospital gurney and did not let Ricky out of his sight for even a moment.

When Ricky was taken into an operating room, the nurses did not let Vinny to go in with him. Even though he protested for quite a while, he ended up watching at the door. Vinny watched through a small window as doctors and nurses gathered around Ricky. He had lost even more blood than when they had left the arena. Vinny couldn't see much of what the doctors were doing because of all the movement, but he did see one of the nurses hooking an IV up to Ricky. It broke Vinny's heart to see Ricky in such a traumatic state.

Soon after Vinny had started to watch the doctors through the window, other hospital employees told him that he had to leave. Vinny protested again, but was escorted away. A nurse took him into an empty waiting room. The walls were a dull gray color and there were a few simple paintings. There was a television set on a table in the corner opposite of Vinny and on it played the one thing that Vinny did not want to see.

The local news channel played on the television while Vinny sat and watched. He felt like he was going to be sick when pictures of his injured boyfriend appeared on the screen. Paparazzi must have taken pictures of Ricky while the medics were taking him to the ambulance. Vinny was in some of the pictures too, with tears rushing down his cheeks. He didn't even feel embarrassed for himself. Vinny's mind was too occupied with worries about Ricky to possibly process any other kind of emotion.

Vinny's gaze was turned away from the tv at the sound of frantic footsteps. Balz was standing in the doorway of the waiting room, talking on his cellphone. The two men caught each other's eyes and the world fell still and silent.

"He's in the waiting room downstairs, meet us there." Balz says, talking to whoever was on the other line.

Balz hung up and put his phone is the back pocket of his jeans. He stayed still in place for a few moments, trying to sense what to do. Before many more seconds passed he rushed over to Vinny, who quickly stood up to hug him. They held each other with strength. A loud sob escaped Vinny. He was no longer able to suppress him emotions. Especially now that one of his best friends was there to hold him. Vinny was so fearful and broken.

"I'm here, buddy." Balz whispered, holding onto Vinny even tighter.

Vinny let himself go, crying and sobbing onto Balz' shoulder. He knew the others would be there soon, but he wasn't afraid to cry in front of them. All of the guys in Motionless in White were close in an indescribable way. Even though Vinny was still a more recent member, he was still just as close to all of them.

The rest of the band, as well as Balz' fiancé Ryan Ashley, quickly arrived at the waiting room where Vinny and Balz were. Chris saw the state that Vinny was in and started to cry even more. Everyone in the room had an unspeakable amount of fear and anxiety within them. Everyone was either crying or looked like they had been crying.

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