Black Lingerie - Ricky Horror

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A Ricky Horror Imagine

Word Count: 1,767

Warnings: smut, language

In just a few hours, your boyfriend Ricky was going to be home from tour. It had been two months since you last saw him and you missed him like crazy. You guys texted every day and did video calls whenever you could, but it was never the same. You wanted to touch him again, to feel his smooth skin against yours. You were desperate for Ricky's touch, so desperate to be in his arms again. You missed the taste of his lips and sliding your tongue over his lip rings. All day you had been thinking of Ricky, which only made you even more anxious for him to be back home.

After almost two hours of waiting anxiously for Ricky, you got a text. You jumped at the sudden sound that came from your phone. You looked to see what it was and saw a text from Ricky himself. You unlocked your phone and read what the text said.

Hey babe, I've got bad news. Our tour bus broke down...I probably won't be home for several hours. I'm so sorry Y/N, I'll see you soon my love. Get some sleep. I love you. <3 xo

It's ok, Ricky. I hope you guys can get the bus fixed quickly! I love you too, see you soon. I miss you so much... <3 xo

You frowned, thinking about how long it would be before you could touch Ricky again. It was already late, almost one in the morning. You thought about going to bed, but you knew you would never be able to fall asleep until you were in Rick's tattooed arms. Instead of sleeping, you decided on preparing something special for when Ricky got home. You went into your closet, moving some of your clothes aside to reveal a shopping bag from weeks ago. A while after Ricky had left for tour, you bought some sexy lingerie to wear for him when he got back.

Earlier in the day you had decided not to wear it tonight so that Ricky could get some rest when he got home, but now you really wanted to wear it. You got changed and did your hair and makeup. You smirked at your reflection in the mirror, proud of your appearance. You looked sexy and seductive, just what you were going for. Ricky was going to be very pleased when he got home. He was surely going to love the lingerie. It was lacy and black, with a matching garter belt.

You put on your spiked choker necklace, which you knew Ricky liked, then decided you were ready. You sat on your bed, wearing the lingerie as you watched tv to pass the time. After you were halfway through an episode of your favorite show, Ricky texted you again. You picked up your phone, your heart beating fast. You were extremely excited for Ricky to come home.

Good news, the bus is fixed! I'm on my way Y/N, I'll see you soon. <3

Great! Can't wait for you to get here. <3 I've got a surprise for you! ;)

You smirked and turned your phone off. You waited for Ricky again, grabbing a book to read. Soon you heard the front door open and you quickly put your book down. You put on one of Ricky's hoodies and zipped it up, hiding your lingerie from the waist up. You quietly walked into the hallway. You saw Ricky setting his luggage down in a hurry. He must have been excited to see what your surprise was. Ricky didn't see you yet, so you stood quietly until he did.

When Ricky turned around, you saw that he already had a boner. Ricky's jaw immediately dropped when he realized what your surprise was. You smirked and walked over to him, walking as seductively as you could. You bit your lip as your eyes scanned his body. You wanted to give Ricky a good night, since he had been sex-deprived for a while.

You kissed Ricky and began to palm him through his jeans. He let out a low groan as you continued. You pulled away from the kiss and Ricky took a deep, shaky breath. You smirked at the effect you already had on him. You stopped palming him and gave him another kiss before pulling away. You unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his shirt and traced your fingers over the tattoos on his chest. You could tell that Ricky was getting more lustful and impatient by the minute.

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