Underlying Affection - Ricky Horror

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A Ricky Horror Imagine

Word Count: 1,065

Warnings: fluff

~Requested by Shania on WattPad~

You woke up early in the morning and got ready for school. You got dressed in a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, black Vans, a band t-shirt and your black hoodie. You brushed your hair and applied some makeup. Within a good amount of time you were ready to go to school. You grabbed your backpack and said goodbye to your parents, then walked out your front door.

The cool morning air blew against you and it felt refreshing. You walked over to the bus stop, meeting your best friend Ricky. You and Ricky had been friends for several years and hung out a lot. You two really understood one another and had a lot of the same interests. You both listened to most of the same music and loved horror movies. You both loved having deep conversations together, too.

"Hey Shania." Ricky greets you.

"Hey Ricky." You reply, smiling at him.

"Did you sleep well last night?" Ricky asks you.

"Yeah, what about you?"

"Not really, I couldn't stop thinking about something."

"What?" You ask.

"Nothing...it's a surprise."

"Ok then." You say, playfully nudging Ricky.

You decided to tell Ricky about what you were planning to do today. You had made a big decision just last night.

"Guess what I'm gonna do today!"


"I'm gonna ask out my crush, that guy in my math class. You remember Michael, right?" You say.

You barely notice Ricky's disappointment, as he quickly hid it from you.

"Uh, yeah, I remember Michael. You mentioned him to me last week." Ricky says. "So you're gonna ask him to go out with you?"

"Yeah, I finally have the courage to ask him. Wish me luck!" You say.

"Good luck." Ricky says, trying to seem happy for you.

Moments later the school bus arrived and you both got on. You guys didn't talk on the way to school; You were too consumed with your thoughts of Michael and Ricky was hiding his disappointment. You both listened to music on Ricky's phone, like you always did on the bus. When you got to school, everything went on like it normally did.

After several long and boring hours of school, it was finally time for you to carry out your plan. The bell rang and you got up from your seat. You scanned the room for Michael, your crush. You spotted Ricky first, who encouragingly smiled at you. You smiled back at him before continuing your search for Michael.

You saw your crush towards the back of the room, putting his textbooks into his backpack. You took a deep breath. Then you made your way over to him, becoming more nervous with every step.

"Hi Michael!" You say, getting his attention.

"Hey! Shania, right?" Michael asks you.

"Yeah. Hey, um, I wanted to ask you something..." You tell him.

"Sure, what's up?"

"I was wondering...Do you wanna go out with me?" You ask, your hands shaking a little bit.

Michael's smile quickly left his face, causing a great panic in you. You became so nervous and anxious within just a few mere seconds. Had you said something wrong?

"I'm sorry Shania, but I already like somebody else. You're really nice, but I don't feel that way about you." Michael explains calmly.

Your heart sunk. You wanted to disappear into thin air or stop time; you wanted this day to be over.

"Oh...that's ok. Thanks for being nice about it." You say, trying so hard not to have an emotional outburst.

"You're welcome. I'll catch you later." Michael says.

You watched him as he walked out of the now empty classroom. You bit your lip and tried to keep your tears from pouring out. Your eyes were teary and you felt utterly embarrassed. You felt like a failure. You grabbed your backpack and rushed out of the classroom.

Ricky had been waiting outside of the classroom door for you. When you rushed out of the classroom, he was extremely worried. Ricky quickly followed you as you ran. You ran into the gymnasium, which was empty at this time. You walked up the stairs and sat on a bench at the top of the seating area. You buried your face in your hands, letting the tears fall.

Ricky ran into the gymnasium, finally catching up to you. He stopped when he saw you sitting alone, crying. His heart broke when he saw you upset like this. Ricky walked up to where you were sitting, taking a seat beside you. You cried and tried to calm yourself down. You felt Ricky put a hand on your back, rubbing it as you cried.

After a few seconds Ricky lifted you up, holding you in his lap. He wrapped his strong arms around you. You hid your face in his chest as you continued to cry. Soon your crying became softer and you calmed down a bit. Ricky stroked your hair as he held you, keeping you safe and secure.

"Michael said no? "Ricky asked you softly.

"Yeah. He was nice about it, though." You explain.

"Good, otherwise I would've had to kick his ass." Ricky says, making you laugh.

"I'm serious. You don't deserve to be mistreated." Ricky continues.

"Neither do you." You say softly, cuddling to him.

You two sit in silence for a little while, enjoying each other's company. Soon you cuddled closer to Ricky. You looked up at him, getting lost in his ocean blue eyes. You could stare at them forever.

Without any words spoken beforehand, you both started leaning in. You closed your eyes and Ricky closed his. Your lips touched softly at first. You put your hand on Ricky's neck, pulling his face closer to yours. You two kissed for a minute or so. When Ricky pulled away, he spoke to you.

"Shania...I like you." He says.

"I think I like you too, Ricky." You reply.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course." You say, smiling.

You two share another kiss in the empty gymnasium. After you pulled away, you both decided to go to Ricky's house. There you guys would work on homework and watch movies together. You were so happy that Ricky asked you out. You had realized your underlying feelings of affection for him and now it was all out in the open. You two were really happy to be together.

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