little badger.

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'welcome to hogwarts'

 synopsis'welcome to hogwarts'

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PERSEPHONE TONKS had been looking forward to her first year at Hogwarts School like the many other witches and wizards her age. She'd been told countless stories about the different lessons and spells to learn, about making lifelong friendships and occasionally relationships. How exploring the castle at night was always thrilling and a complete rush, and how the broom closet on the west side of the castle was the perfect place for snogging, though her big sister told her not to repeat that to their parents.

She had dreams upon dreams about going to Hogwarts and finally, it was her time. Like many kids around the age of eleven, a certain amount of fear and dread sets in. What if you didn't get a letter? What if you weren't deemed magical enough? What if you weren't smart enough? The thoughts poured. It was a ridiculous notion but one that could not be stopped, unfortunately, even despite her families reassurances. She'd get in, they told her, she had more magic in her pinky finger than most wizards did what with her metamorphmangus ability that she and her sister had.

She was filled with magic only seconds after being born. She shifted her hair blue before she ever even opened her eyes.

Though Persephone couldn't deny the relief she felt when the families owl dropped the acceptance letter on her lap early one morning. She was sure her screams of excitement could be heard up and down the road for quite a ways.

She was elated, all but bouncing off the ways but another wave of uncertainty came over her at second thought. What if she didn't make any friends? She was rather odd with her ability and while most people thought it was cool she'd only ever been around family friends and the such who couldn't have been mean if they wanted too, not if they didn't want a swift slap on the hand for it.

She didn't have long to bathe in her nerves as a certain set of red-headed twins swooped the young girl under their proverbial wing before they even made it to the castle. Fred and George Weasley all but gave her no other option but to be their friend and by Merlin was she thankful that they had.

From first year to the ones following, through the many different changes and growths, through ups and downs and heartbreaks and mends, only one thing seemed to stay the same for Persephone Tonks. No matter what, the Weasley Twins were never too far away from the colorful little badger. And that's exactly what she was and what she had eventually been known for.

The small little badger surrounded by the protective lions.

Guess they didn't realize just how strong and fearless badgers were.

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