Leorio - Catch Up!

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These will be short, because it is just a catch up. Enjoy!



You were scrolling through your phone, sitting at an outside table of a coffee place. The morning was peaceful. The sun was somewhat hidden, there was a light breeze and birds were softly chirping. Nothing could ruin the morning except...

"WHAT THE HELL?!" You heard a shout from across the street. You looked up suddenly, and a bit mad that a tall idiot looking man was yelling so loud into a phone that it could be heard from across the street. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT'S NOT OUR JOB?! WE'RE DOCTORS!"

You raised your eyebrows, stood up and shouted towards the man, hopefully he would hear. "Hey! Dude!! Do you MIND! Keeping your VOICE DOWN! Some people are trying to have a RELAXING MORNING!"

You shouted that just as he hung up his phone. He looked at you and swung his suitcase over his shoulder. He then proceeded to cross the street and stopped in front of you. "The name's not dude, it's Leorio."

"I never asked for a name, but mine's Y/n. P.s. not caring of you didn't want it." You smiled, placing your hands on your hips. "Now what were you screaming about?"

"I helped out a sick patient at my job, but they were broke, so I told them not to worry about the expenses. My boss got angry."

"Did you cover the expenses?"


"I don't see what the problem is... And you're a doctor?"

"That's what I do. Also, an official hunter."

"Me too! Nice to meet you doctor!"



After that, the two of you went into the cafe, you, leaving your drink outside to get another one with Leorio, and sat inside to talk about his job. You then discussed you, and told him you were just a blogger, making money from that was enough. You hung out often, went to the cafe, the two of you were loud, as usual, discussed interests and were just plain good friends. He was loud, funny, some times obnoxious and annoying and was quite the complainer. Just your type of guy.



He was a nervous wreck for some reason, so you had to change the direction and ask him to be your boyfriend!

"Come on," You said, laughing. "Spit it out already!"

He scratched it neck. "On second thought-!"

"How about this: Leorio, will you go out with me?" You said, folding your arms.


"My god! I've been waiting for this all weekend, and you couldn't even do it!" You laughed "It's okay, though."


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