Chapter 2:

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~The Next Day~

I woke up and saw Peter next to me sleeping. I got up and did my daily routine and walked out of the room without any noises.

I walked down The hall to hear yelling and panicing. I was confused with this and saw Tony. "Stark, what is going on?" "Peter's missing." Shocked by his words but laughs at his stupidity and everyone noticed. "What's so funny asshole." Said Clint. "H-Hes not *giggles* missing. He slept in my room last night since his is destroyed from one of his run ins with a villian." Everyone was staring at me for a moment till Tony broke the silence. "Wait, really?" "Yes Stark he did. Go to my room to see for yourself." He ran and after a few moments he came back with a relived face. "He's asleep in there." Everyone sighed. "Well thank you for telling us where he was and letting him stay there." "I would do anything for my nephew." Smirks and walks away to the kitchen to get food and start my day.

After eating and waking up Peter, I was on the balcony of the Stark building Thor walked up to me. "Brother." I turned to him. "Yes Thor?" "Father wants us to return home, he wants to tell us something." I gulped. 'Father is ready to tell him I bet.'. I thought. "Okay, shall we go then." He nodded and he called Hymdall and was entering the Bifrost.

We landed at the gates where Hymdall awaited for us. He led us to the throne room where father and mother awaited us. We bowed as we dawned a pawned them. "Rise sons." Odin said. We Rose and mother walked towards us and gave us a hug. "Good morning mother. How have you and father been."  "We've been grand sweetie." We smiled. "What is it that you wanted to tell us father?" I looked at mother and Father as they looked at each other. "Thor, as you know Loki isn't your biologically brother, but he wasn't your brother at all. We wanted you to tell you sooner but we also wanted you to take it smoothly so we waited. Loki already knew it since he was seventeen, and well it's time to tell you now. Thor.....

~To Be Continued~

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