Chapter 25

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Edward''s POV:

Okay MayMay really doesn't wanna talk to me, but I need to talk to her so bad, I need to explain everything, she really doesn't know how much she means to me. MayMay please I really need to talk to you, I know she said that she's just not in the mood but I know MayMay, she really doesn't wanna talk to me. I was just laying down on my bed then I heard the door open and I looked at the door and saw Bailey and Markus walk in and I looked back up at the ceiling.

"What do you guys need?" I asked 

"Your mom called us and said that you were moping around up here, and she's getting worried, what's wrong?" Markus asked and I just sat up and looked at them 

"MayMay doesn't wanna talk to me." I said and they looked at each other then at me and then sat beside me on both sides, Bailey on my right and Markus on my left. 

"You know Edward you just really have to give MayMay time, she'll come around don't worry, we know MayMay, she loves you bro, she just needs time." Bailey said and I just looked at them and nodded my head 

"Thanks guys, but I think I need to be alone for now." I said and they nodded their heads and stood up and walked over the door and went out 

Bailey's POV:

Me and Markus went down and we saw Tita Cathy and she immediately looked at us and walked over to us 

"How is he? Is he okay?" She asked and me and Markus looked at each other 

"Well he's just really upset that MayMay won't talk to him." He said and she just looked at us.

"Well thank you for your help though" She said and we nodded our heads 

"Edward is our friend, we'll do anything for him." I said and she nodded her head and gave us a smile.

"Thank you talaga, sige na go na, your parents might be looking for you na." She said and we nodded our heads and hugged her and went out the door.

MayMay's POV:

After eating me and Mama washed the plates and we went back to our own rooms and I went to my bathroom and freshened up and did my bed time routine and then I went back to my room and got ready for my bed since there's no school tomorrow I can just chill and relax and just sit in my room all day. I miss Edward na talaga, I hope that I can get the courage and just talk to him. I closed my lamp and closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. 


When I woke up I checked the time and it was 8 in the morning and I just sat up and looked around and the sun was shining through the curtains and I stood up and opened the curtains and the brightness met my eyes. I squinted my eyes a little then walked over to my bathroom and got ready for the day, well there's nothing much to do today anyway so might as well just change into some comfortable clothes. So I got some sweat pants and a big shirt then I took a shower and then I went back to my bathroom and hopped in the shower and after that I changed then I blow dried my hair and then I went down to see if Mama's there and she wasn't. I saw a note on the kitchen counter and it was from Mama, it said 

'Dear Nak, 

            I went to go to work so I left you some breakfast in the ref, just get it if you feel hungry and I also left 500 in case you need something, just call me if you need anything ha nak, I love you!'

I walked over to the ref and opened it and saw bacon and eggs ready and wrapped so I got it and unwrapped it and heated it in the microwave and then I began eating. After eating I walked over to the sink with my plate and glass and washed it and put it aside. I went back to my room and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth I went back to my room and laid down on my bed and just stared at the ceiling, then I heard a knock on the door so I sat up and looked at the door

"Pasok para masuntok" I said and then the door opened and I saw Bailey and Markus and I was confused 

"Oh what are you guys doing here?" I asked 

"We came here to talk to you about Edward." Markus said and I just groaned and laid back down on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Why?" I asked 

"Because Edward is a mess without you." Bailey said and I just rolled my eyes.

"Edward is a strong guy, he can do it." I said and I felt them sit down on my bed and so I sat up and looked at them.

"May, Edward just really wants to talk." Bailey said and I just sighed 

"Look I don't really wanna talk about him." I said and they just looked at each other and sighed 

"But we need to talk about him, we need to fix this problem between you gus because you guys are our friends and we care about you." Markus said and I just looked at them

"What's wrong ba MayMay? Why are you acting like this ba?" Bailey asked and I just sighed 

"It's just that he could've told me sooner so I wouldn't be looking like a fool in front of him, he knew already, even Marco and Kisses knew about it and they didn't tell me." I said

"And besides he has Heaven now." I said and they just looked at each other 

"Isa that what you think?" Markus asked and I just nodded my head 

"May, Edward already-" Markus started but he was cut off

"Excuse me boys, I need to talk to MayMay, it's very important." Mama said and we looked at her and I looked at the guys and they just nodded their heads 

"We'll talk soon May." Bailey said and I just nodded my head and they stood up and went out the door and made paalam to Mama and she closed the door behind her then walked near me and sat beside me then she looked at me.

"Nak I have something very important to tell you." She said and I looked at her and gave her a nervous smile 

"Ma what is it? You're making me nervous." I said and she just tok my hands and put it in hers 

"Nak we have to go back to CDO." She said and I just looked at her

"Why?" I asked and she looked at me then looked down

"It's Patrcia, she's sick." She said and I felt the tears form in my eyes

"When are we leaving?" I asked 

"We leave tonight, so I suggest that you hang out with your friends one last time because you won't see them for a long time." She said and I nodded my head and wiped my tears and Mama stood up and walked out the door and closed the door behind her. Oh what am I gonna do?


Hello fam, here's another update for you, I hope you guys enjoyed it, well this story is almost over, pero like I said in the last chapter I have something in store for you guys, so don't you worry, because I am sure you guys will like it, well I have nothing else to say so buh-byeeeeeeee labyu labyu mwah mwah tsup tsup!!!!!!

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