064 Preparation (3)

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Su Leng also knows that Qing Xun said that he refers to the emperor of the distant moon country. Yue Ruoyun, it is the name of the emperor. It is afraid that the wall has ears. The door owner seems to have said that Qing Xun directly called the emperor's name. The people around Mo Zhenxiang, there is no way to pass the ritual. When I heard the door of the Lord, I was a little surprised, but when I turned around, I felt a little fuss. The identity of the door was a princess. The wind country was almost half of her world. Master was the last emperor. I know more about a distant moon monarch... It seems that nothing is worth it.

I was asked by Qinxun, and Qin Yu lived, and I forgot about it... I thought about going to Yan Yanmen, and if I hadn't seen it for three days, I really thought about him.

"Not so."

The place where there were only three people, with this call, one more person.

However, in the secret door is also a first-class light master, this is also known for these three days, because it is also helpful to help her practice, but he thinks he likes it!

"Non-contingent in."(I undertand)

See people more intelligent non-contingent, Qin Yu do not automatically say spontaneously under the title removed, clever cute!

"Ruoyun said that he would go to the exhibition hall at dinner time, you will inform him at the exhibition hall at that time. I will go over later, let him not wait, let's rest first." Ruoyun went back and forth to Wangfu and these days. The palace, too tired, she can no longer let him wait for her, wait until I don't know what time in the middle of the night...

Maybe I will be tired at night, and I will fall asleep directly after returning to Fengyuntang. It is not a house white, etc...

"I  understand."

"Well, let's go to rest first."

Stretched and stretched, Lan Qin Yu herself was lying on the bench next to it. This bench is as movable as the modern elderly like the rocking chair. Lying down and blowing the cool breeze, there are two big handsome guys watching, smelling the pear blossoms, and taking a nap is too comfortable! The spirit is enough, it will not be halfway at night because the sleepiness is wrong! Although she does not necessarily do such stupid things, it is just an excuse to take a nap...

"Xiao Yu, you only have to learn some light work in these three days. In this respect, it is no different from me. It is a master, but... you can really use it in actual combat, you will not have much, so If something unexpected happens tonight, you must never touch the other side, can you?"

Qing Xun still felt a little uneasy in his heart. He was afraid that there would be some accidents in the evening, and the old wounds would not heal, and she would add new injuries. He didn't want to see the scene again. He should protect her anyway in the evening!

  Qin Yu entered a half-sleep state. Qing Xun's words were generally heard. Without opening her eyes, she smiled and said with a shallow smile: "Don't worry, I cherish my life, I won't touch myself on the gun, let's say Yesterday, Su Leng didn't teach me a few tricks, but Master's unique move, to deal with the small miscellaneous soldiers no problem, thanks to... Su Leng, can you know Master's move 6 or else, I have no chance to find that Dead old man... Learn martial arts..." As she spoke, the voice was getting smaller and there was no sound.

When Su Leng saw it, Lan Qin Yu pulled down her hand and fell asleep on his side.

  she knows that we would go to the Yanmen Gate camp in the evening, and still can sleep so safely... I'm afraid there is only her.

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