063 Preparation (2)

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Don't return to the left of the secret door!

If this is the case, she might as well go to see Uncle Fu Yan. Although people are very annoying, they still accepted her as a master. Yesterday, she saw their dedication and praised her.

The sentence 'I'm not the door! ', this pair to Lan Qin Yu is a great compliment!

Not right, she is not talking about this! The point is that after seeing her skills, Fu Yan also agreed that she should explore a door to explore Yanmen. She would like to know what it is like in Yanmen. In the future, she would discuss how to deal with them!

Su Leng and Qing Xun exchanged their eyes. Last night, the two of them took advantage of Lan Qin Yu to discuss this matter. When they knew that she would be angry, she would say what she wanted to do and appease her.

"The main owner, the headquarters of Yanmen in the month, and like the secret door, there are five hidden fans, there are fewer people guarding the headquarters than they are, it is not easy to be discovered, and you can also find out from those places. The situation of the Yanmen headquarters staff, you can get the information of the tiger cave without entering the real tiger hole, why bother to take this risk?"

"Su Leng makes a good saying, Xiao Yu, you just want to know about Yanmen, and you don't want to fight them once. The secret door is now deployed in the month. It is impossible and unnecessary adventure. You are now The door of the secret door, the action must also consider the interests of the secret door?"

I know that Lan Qin Yu is fun, but I don't know what to do. Qing Xun is very clever to start with the benefits of 'the secret door'.

To put it bluntly, you can't go to the headquarters! Hey......

Lan Qin Yu reluctantly came down from the beam of the house and patted the dust on her body. This also changed the rubbing, and went back to avoid dirty clothes. Is the beam in the Yanmen House so dirty? I hope not to...

They are good for her, how can she not know, and it is not hers to listen to it.

"Okay, just follow what you said, don't go to the Yanmen headquarters, keep a chance to go again in the future! The damage on my body is not good, I don't want to add any new injuries, leave me looking for Whoever is right to go... just go to one of the five places you said."

Waiting for the two to get the time to let go, Qin Yu added, "The condition is that you must go to the biggest of the five places, and the time must be tonight!"

This is definitely not compromised!

Hard work for 3 days, eat less food, drink less water, just to do more time to practice, go to the meeting will be early, the time can never be dragged!

"Xiao Yu, he will go to the exhibition hall tonight, are you not agreeing to return to the exhibition hall today?"

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