GOAL! (Jisung)

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Jisung leaned his head back, hoping even the slightest breeze would pass.  It was awfully hot outside, one of the hottest days the summer had offered so far, but of course he just had to have a soccer match that day.

He kept drinking water, splashing some on himself to help him cool down.  Jisung glanced at the stands, seeing your face flushed red from the heat.  You still smiled and gave him a thumbs-up.  you were his best friend, and you refused to miss a single game of his.  

Your dedication meant everything to Jisung.  He secretly had a crush on you, but he never had any intention of telling you.  He was scared to ruin your friendship.

"You alright?" Jeno asked, taking a huge swig of water from his bottle.  "We gotta get back out there and take that other team down.  With you playing midfielder, I think we have a chance."

Jisung peeled his eyes away from your smiling face, shifting his gaze to Jeno's.  "I'm switching to midfielder?"  He ran his fingers through his blonde hair, pushing it back and out of his face.  He quickly grabbed a bandana and tied it around his head.  

"Geez, you look hot," Jeno mused.  "Is this part of your plan to get Y/N?"

"No.  But I'm glad I look hot, babe," Jisung winked before jogging to his new position.  He glanced back, checking out where everyone was and what they were playing.  He was glad Haechan was playing goalie.  He knew that boy would not let anything get past his defenses.

The midfielder from the other team stared at Jisung with eyes that could kill.  He was at least three times Jisung's size, and his friends backing him up looked like he could pulverize Jisung's whole team.

Jisung tried not to let the opponents intimidate him.  When the referee blew the whistle, they charged.  It was a full on battle just for the ball.  Jisung was able to maneuver through and dribble the ball towards the opponent's goal.  He knew his team had his back and was doing their best keeping each player occupied.  Suddenly, Jisung felt a sharp pain in his ankle, and the next thing he saw was blue.  The blue sky he was staring up at from the ground.

Pain seared through his leg, and when he sat up he noticed red leaking though his sock.  Blood.

"Oops, looks like I kicked your foot instead of the ball" the other team's midfielder laughed while stealing the ball and dribbling it away.  

Jisung tried to get up but couldn't.  He knew the other team would get a penalty, and there were ten seconds left in the game anyways.  Once the whistle blew, not only did his team crowd around him and make sure he was okay, but you were there by his side, as well.

"Jisungie," you crooned, looking at his ankle.  "This won't do.  Come with me."

With the help of his soccer team, Jisung limped to your car, and you buckled him up in the passenger's seat.  

"Where are we going?  We're not going to the hospital are we?  I'm a man.  I don't need to go to the hospital."

You laughed gently.  "I'm taking you to my place to get your leg all cleaned up."

You arrived home and were happy to see that your parents were out.  You quickly opened the door for Jisung, letting him lean on you for support as you led him to the living room.  He reclined on the sofa, elevating his leg.

Carefully, you rolled his sock down until it was completely off, and you gasped when you saw the wound.  

"Why are cleats so pointy?" you frowned, and Jisung laughed at your cute expression despite the pain.  

You smiled back, wiping his cut and sterilizing it

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You smiled back, wiping his cut and sterilizing it.  He groaned in pain, and you quickly applied the bandages. 

"See?  It's all done," you told him.  "Does it feel better?"

Jisung couldn't hold back anymore.  He reached out and pulled you towards him.  You fell onto the sofa, basically on him.  You quickly adjusted yourself so that you were sitting beside him.

"It feels a little better," Jisung said, checking his foot out.  

You decided to answer back by letting him rest his head on your shoulder, you playing with his hair.  He grinned up at you.  You wiped at the sweat that ran down his neck from the game.  

"Geez, you're so hot," you said, wiping at more sweat on his forehead.

Jisung sat up his eyes wide.  "Wait, you think I'm hot?"

You realized he had taken the wrong way, but what you said wasn't wrong.  He was hot... in both ways.  You weren't able to form much of a reply, and Jisung smiled, but he looked really nervous.  His palms were super clammy, and his eyes kept shifting from you to the floor.  

"Do you want to date me?" he asked in a quiet voice.

You leaned forward and kissed his cheek.  His eyes widened, and he looked slightly confused as if he wasn't sure what just happened and if he wanted it to happen again.

You kissed his other cheek, and he turned a deep shade of red.  "I'll take that as a yes."

Even though he had been knocked off his feet on the field, he had still managed to make the best goal of all.


A/N: Okay, this had me seriously blushing.  I mean, first of all, Jisung is a cute (sometimes ROOD) lil fluff ball, and writing this fluffy imagine made me fall for him even more.  Thank you @m00ndais for requesting this!

Question of the imagine: Have you ever gotten really injured playing a sport?  For me, I hit the side of my hip on the diving board when I was diving, and I still have a scar, but I still love swimming!  

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