062 Preparation (1)

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It turns out that sometimes the narcissism of Lan Qin Yu will also play a role.

There is no internal force, Lan Qin Yu is not suitable for learning Wu, no one knows, but with the power of Lan Qin Yu in the past few decades, it is really progressing! Half a day, I learned to use the skills needed for light work, and spent the whole day and Su Leng practice flying to the wall... It felt great! This may have something to do with some of her basic skills in modern and dropouts. This is Lan Qin Yu's own idea.

"I don't think the front door owner actually passed his internal power directly to the doorman..." He can't say it, but Su Leng never thought that the doorkeeper would do this. When he heard that Lan Qin Yu said that she was a disciple of Shenying yesterday, he thought that the owner only found a very helpful person for the secret door. It seems that there is still some insider in it, and there must be plans for the shadow.

"Ling er, three years later today, the new door owner will appear in Fengyuntang, no matter what he wants to do in the future, what he wants to do with the secret door, or how to deal with the secret door, you must not have any Dissent, and fully assist him."

When the doorman left, he was stunned by him, no matter what he wanted to do, what did he want to do with the secret door... The door owner is saying that after the new doorkeeper takes over, the secret door will change? And the main reason for this change... is Lan Qin Yu, the 18th generation of the secret doorkeeper?

No matter what she does, he must fully assist...?

It seems that this can only be the case, even if he is now opposed... The enthusiasm of the new doorkeeper who wants to talk about Yanmen at night will not be reduced, even if he persuaded her...maybe she promised to sneak herself in the back, then We might as well go together.

Although I only thought about it for about three days, Su Leng was enough to find out the aspect of playing the foot of Lan Qin Yu. He strongly opposed it from the beginning with Qing Xun. Later, he had to work with him to teach Lan Qin Yu better. Come out... Hey!

"Su Leng, do you know the headquarters of Yanmen?" Qin Yu 'fly' on the beam, very satisfied with her progress. If nothing unexpected, just go to Yanmen tonight!

"The position is clear, but Su Leng thinks... don't go." Even if she progressed quickly, she went to the headquarters of Qiyanmen from the beginning, and he still had some considerations.

Not going?

"You are kidding! Not all say it, I will go if I can do it lightly? Now I am far faster than you expected to learn, why suddenly can't say it!"

Don't return to the left of the secret door!

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