061 Yanmen (3)

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The eyes turned and I couldn't help but turn around the topic. "You don't always belong to the subordinates. You can call it Su Leng." She wants to listen to this name more, since it is better to call it. I wasted someone who gave him this name.

"Well, ah?"

Lan Qin Yu continued her topic. "Since the headquarters of Yanmen is here, shouldn't it be a problem to go shopping? I also take a look at what kind of place Yanmen is."

"The doorkeeper can't!"

"The doorkeeper can't!"

I thought I would get an approval vote, but I would like to oppose it with a tacit agreement! Hey, next to Qing Xun is a face of disapproval! What are they going to do?

"Xiao Yu, Yanmen is not going to go anywhere, if it is found, it is very dangerous!"

Let her compare with Yao Chen, so that now it is a wound on the body, has already made Qing Xun regret, how can he let her do this equal to life!

"The doorkeeper, do not act rashly, Yanmen knows that my secret door has chosen a new door, Yanmen headquarters must have gathered a lot of masters, Feng Yuntang has almost no missions recently, just to ensure the establishment of new owners At that time, Yanmen will not be confused. Now, I am afraid that with the ability of the current doorkeeper, even if I go, it will soon be noticed by their people... If there is anything in the door, there is absolutely nothing to my secret door. Benefits..." Su Leng tried to persuade as much as possible, and was afraid that Lan Qin Yu heard that she was incapable of getting angry.

  Lan Qin Yu is self-aware! Su cold reminded me that she immediately discovered this very serious problem. Indeed, it's not easy to get into the Yanmen with such a half-hanger, unless the people in Yanmen are all straw bags, or else they will not be surprised if they are not found!

However, even if you know that you are bad, you can only drag on people, but you still want to go... even if you want to learn something, you can learn the tricks!

"Qing Xun..."

If it is normal, Lan Qin Yu calls him so poorly, he may still let her come, but this time he must be firm, this is also for her safety!

"Xiao Yu! With your current martial arts, even Yanmen can't go in smoothly, even if you can use some light work, you can still run away, but the truth is... you don't, so --"

"That can be gone as long as I will do it lightly!"

She was drilled into the loop! Haha!

Qingxun was shocked to give her the opportunity to retract the previous words, but it was too late.

"If you say it, it is like the water that is poured out. It can't be recovered! Don't tell me that the words just don't count! It's what you said, not what I forced you to say! Rest assured, I have Master's internal strength is that learning things should be easy!" She is smart and showy, and she will soon be able to learn a good job! Master is well-known rivers and lakes of the shadow of God, she was the apprentice can not be too much time, mixing at least a little shadow of God's name ah! haha!

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