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chrisbrownofficial, evrybodyluvari and 688,467 others   ybnglizzy: I dont got hoes but i gotta a hoe💯⬜💪🏽37468 comments

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chrisbrownofficial, evrybodyluvari and 688,467 others
   ybnglizzy: I dont got hoes but i gotta a hoe💯⬜💪🏽

User1: who?

User2: 🤷🏻‍♀️😍

User3: 😣😥

evrybodyluvari: 😁😙💞

User4: ^oohhhh

User5: mhm i see🤷🏼‍♂️😍

User6: ewwwww whore

chrisbrownofficial: 💯🏆💪🏼

User7: 💯😍

User8: 🤤

User9: thats good😊

babvy.jasx: i know we aint on the best terms rn but treat her ass right plz
   luzbavbe: foreal

User10: mhm😑

theshaderoom: oof the tea☕🐸

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