060 Yanmen (2)

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It is not that the protection of Qing Xun is not good, but there are always one or two times when you are looking for something to get away from, or you have to find more troubles. You need help! This time is the time for the secret door to come in handy!

Thinking of this, I coughed two times with guilty conscience, how could I seem to enter the dark door to think about how to use the secret door for myself... Too selfish, or to make some contribution to the entire secret door, to stand up to prestige !

"The main lord, the headquarters of Yanmen...just in the distant country, the total altar is somewhere in the moon." Su Leng's unhurried tone makes Qin Yu mistakenly think that what he wants to say is irrelevant. If it isn't important, I don't think I will hear it... It seems to be the best news of entering the camp!

"Cough--" coldly pressed into the mouth of the melon seeds stuck,Lan Qin Yu coughed out, according to the neck to swallow, her face was red, "to die! Qing Xun, tea, fast! "

When the cup was empty, it was immediately offered another cup of freshly poured hot tea. "The doorkeeper, drinking tea with a higher temperature, will go faster."

No, it's almost gone! Xie Zi is too late to say, drink a cup of hot tea!

Her face slowly recovered from the original ruddy, she can imagine that her face must have been constipated just like it! Somewhat dissatisfiedly scorned Su Leng, and said that she would not inform her before! Hey......

Forget it, he is not intentional, it seems that he was shocked by her sudden action, Su Leng and Fu Yan half-opened, like saying 'use not so exaggerated ah'! She said that she was not a secret door, and that is not a killer, although it is not a killer now!

People who are not killers, can you not be scared if you hear yourself in a place where killers gather? There are many secret door killers, that is all her men, do not need to worry, but they also said, Yanmen is the death of the secret door! The headquarters of the dead rival is here. If the person in Yanmen finds out that she is the new owner, she may not want to remove her first, just to let the secret door have no one!


In this case, if you think about it in reverse, it is actually no harm to the secret door. The headquarters of Yanmen is here, just to explore it. If it can be destroyed by the way... it is not more effective than destroying the hall. Ok?

The person who was half-dead by the melon in the last minute, now suddenly burst into laughter, and everyone else feels a little chilly. This person doesn't know what to calculate...

"Su Leng." Well, how is the name called good?

"What is the command of the door?"

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