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"Yes, the secret door is indeed divided in all countries. Here is the moon-divided-Fengyuntang. There are 4, 5 places in the moonlight, and most of them look ordinary people, among them. One is a famous satin merchant in the country, and it is a place where the secret door is used as a cover. There are also small branches in several other important towns in the distant moon country. The main hall is here, the wind, the smelting and the shackles also have hidden doors. Many of the halls, and the relationship between the other small countries and the Qingfeng are relatively tense, so the eyeliner of the secret door can be deeper and more limited. Compared with other places, the division of the hall is less and more secret."

Su Leng introduced the main distribution of the secret door for Lan Qin Yu in detail, and also mentioned some things of the shadow.

"The secret door headquarters is in the end of the country, and the subordinates do not know whether the front door owner has mentioned it to the door owner. The front door master is actually the emperor of the last kingdom, and the emperor of the last emperor. The spoonbill is the full name of the former doorman. In addition to the subordinates and the right of the rock, no one in the door knows it. The owner should understand this, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future."

The front door owner has never liked to talk about his own affairs, most of them... I haven't said it to Lan Qin Yu. If Lan Qin Yu arrives at the end of the battle, I don't know the relationship between this level, and if there is a place to negotiate with the emperor. Will also change...

  Qin Yu is not going to be idle when she is there. Just let her take a plate of melon seeds. By the way, it is the white boy who looks very gentle. He is very fond of Qin Yu.

When she heard  Su Leng, she grabbed a handful of melons seeds and nodded, sometimes shaking her head.

It turns out that Master is still a relative of the kingdom, and his identity is quite good, um! This is the reason for nodding. As for shaking his head... On the surface, Master's appearance is really invisible to the royal family. There is no temperament! It's hard to say where it's special, just the skin that makes her lick!

Oh, she actually fell for the skin of a dead old man, which is what it is!

I shook my head again and waved the thoughts of the brain, and continued the topic. The distribution of the secret door will definitely help her remember. She will not remember it. Anyway, even if I remember it, I will forget it soon! She asked the secret door, the main purpose is to try to get out of the door.

"Since Yanmen and my secret door are of equal strength, naturally there must be a branch of Yanmen here?" If you don't make sure that they are widely spread, it is very likely that you will have to go to other places to find Yanmen. It's hard to come to the moon, and one after another, she didn't have time to play, and she didn't want to disturb her interest for a broken door!

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