056 Acknowledgement (1)

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Su Leng was satisfied with such development. Fu Yan also apparently lost the previous momentum. At the moment when Qing appeared, he subconsciously put away his dissatisfaction. Fu Yan was only afraid of one person, the god shadow- heron, the doorkeeper of the secret door, and Qing was always with the door master. For a long time, the image of the master of Qinghe was integrated into one, and rooted in Fu Yan's heart.

Even if the door owner is gone, the fear of seeing Qing still exists, I am afraid... Fu Yan in this life can't forget the feeling, as long as he is the person who has seen the door, whether he is an ordinary person or a man of the rivers and lakes. Can't be afraid, the fear will go deep into the heart and can't be removed.

Su Leng is naturally an exception, because he has followed the door owner since he was a child. The doorman is like his own biological father. The door owner has never had a murder to him. There will be no fear of Fu Yan.

"Yan You right, what other objections can you have?"

Fu Yan shook his body, and some trembled: "No, no, just press the left to let it..."

Su Leng is facing other people and seeing their opinions.

"Anyone present can have any objections to her successor?"

At the beginning, Fu Yan put forward a strong opposition. Now there is no objection to the right-hander. Of course, no one dares to say no, and...and Qing appears here, obviously acknowledging Lan Qin Yu, also proves She is indeed the new owner of the shadow selection.

"Everything is determined by the left!"

A neat and consistent answer, Lan Qin Yu is somewhat inexplicable. Although she is subdued by Yao Chen, it is obvious that she is in an absolute weakness in the process. How can she agree with her so much?

In any case, with the help of Qing, Lan Qin Yu finally succeeded in becoming the owner of the secret door. Because of the injury, she temporarily lived in this courtyard.


"Fu Yan! I still don't take the poisonous antidote on the 'instant needle'!" Lan Qin Yu can continue to move abnormally, almost letting Su cold forget important things.

Fu Yan's hand trembled, and Yao Chen took out the antidote instead.

"The poison on the silver needle?" Qing Xun exclaimed, and quickly explored the pulse of Qin Yu.

Very poisonous... Lan Qin Yu are cold sweat, this uncle is a bit too poisonous!

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