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Seeing that Yao Chen took out a crescent moon blade again, and rushed over to her, Lan Qin Yu was too lazy to move. Seeing Qing Xun and Su Leng could not immediately save her, simply close her eyes and so on. dead.

Is that the end of it...


"Patter -"

Unexpected pain, only the sound of familiarity echoed, this voice... seems to have heard it...

Open one eye, a group of black cloth long winter things in front of themselves, Yao Chen's curved moon blade stopped at the millimeter of the black thing, her expression is a bit embarrassing.

Fu Yan and Qing Xun also stopped fighting and did not understand Yao Chen's actions.

"Yao Chen!" What is she doing! Why stop suddenly!

"Qing?" Qin Yu called out with a certainty, this... seems to be the crow that Master gave her?

After Master ran away, it also flew, and Qin Yu was still wondering how to find it, even... I came here? Also blocked her from Yao Chen's attack?

  Qing flapping the black wings, turning the small head to Qin Yu, the illusion? Just... How do you seem to see qing... smile at her?

"That is not the crow of our door-qing?"

Everyone present knew this crow, and there was a lot of discussion. It was impossible to understand it.

Su Leng saw the appearance of the crow, and finally let go of his heart. The original owner and the crow gave her, so there is no need to worry.

"How come, the door lord's crow will appear alone here! The door owner, is the door owner also coming back?" Fu Yan looked around in surprise, but ... did not see the shadow of the door owner.

What exactly is going on?

  Qin Yu grabbed the opportunity, pulled out the silver needle, and snorted, Yao Chen faced Qin Yu but also responded to what should be done, even if only joined soon, I also know what the crow means, see the crow as the doorkeeper Just like the scissors and jade, see the emperor!

When Lan Qin Yu stared at her, she knocked out the short blade of Yao Chen's hand and grabbed her arm. The upper body quickly turned to the left and then turned down, bending down with both hands, beautifully using one. The shoulder fell and Yao Chen fell to the ground.

The left hand pressed Yao Chen's arm, and the knees pressed against her legs, preventing her from having a chance to counterattack. The right hand was directed at her neck and the movement was done in one go.

"Don't move, otherwise I won't be polite!" Ming Ming has been scarred, but seized the mechanism to take care of Yao Chen, and his eyes sharply prevented Yao Chen from further action.

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