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The first time I used the internal force of the heron, after relaxing,Lan Qin Yu felt the whole body weak, and with a lot of attacks on the body, I sat down on the ground.

Yao Chen exposed her intentions and took out three silver needles from Li Huai, ignoring the situation that Lan Qin Yu was unable to resist and flew forward.

Qing Xun and Su Leng moved at the same time, trying to stop the action of Yao Chen. Su Leng knew that these three silver needles are the hidden weapons used by Fu Yan, and they are not only extremely poisonous, but also the people who are stabbed will immediately be paralyzed and unable to move.

This old guy, even gave this poison to Yao Chen! Not thinking about setting her up and dead!

Just when the two were a few steps away from the Yaochen attack, Fu Yan's eyes quickly blocked them, and how can they make them break his key moments!

Qing Xun did not care what he was secretly right-handed, or what martial arts master, pull the sword to him, Su Leng is an important person in the secret door, can not conflict with Fu Yan, from the guilty, stopped to sink his face.

"Fu Yan, let it go! This is a point-to-point test. She is the disciple of the doorkeeper who can't harm her life!"

"Ah -"

The two people who could be rescued were stopped by the perfunctory, and it was only a few seconds, but it was enough for Yao Chen to make a poisonous needle.

Lan Qin Yu's left shoulder was so smashed by three sharp silver needles, and the pain screamed and fell to the ground.

Qing Xun and Fu Yan have already been on the top, Su Leng was stopped by Fu Yan's other two cronies, 'the inside of the secret door can't be killed by each other'. It's iron, and Lan Qin Yu is not a secret door, Yao Chen and her. The comparison test also passed their consent, but if he fights with the people in these two doors, he will commit the rules and can no longer stand in front of his subordinates! Damn Fu Yan!

Other people in the door don't have any signs of wanting to help Qin Yu. It seems to have a greater interest in the current test. The killer is more like watching someone die! Sure enough, that's right!

  Qin Yu held the silver needle into the bleeding shoulder, fell to the ground and secretly sighed that her life is not good, it will not die here, right?

Hey, think back, how long has it been to the distant country? I couldn't play anything on the road. I just managed to be a little idle. It's just a pleasure. I only strolled around the moon. So I didn't buy any souvenirs for a little while, and I was shown a thousand dead guys. Still in prison!

Speaking of it, it will now evolve into this, and the culprit is to show up! If it weren't for him, would he jail? Will you meet Master and get an internal force, plus a doorman to be a secret door? Although she is also very interested in this identity, she is not interested in losing her life! There is only one life, but the fun is endless, it is not worth it!

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