052 Test (3)

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The short-edged wounds were mostly in the upper body, but the bottom was not much better. The legs were kicked by Yao Chen several times. Some of them couldn't stand, and the knees almost fell to the ground.

Holding one hand on the ground, gasping for a big breath, the other side did not even have a drop of sweat, but she made it so embarrassing!

As Qin Yu's face became more whitish, Qing Xun's hand also clenched the hilt. Xiao Yu may not be able to support it for a long time, and then wait until her physical strength can not hold, it is difficult to block the attack of Yao Chen!

The more embarrassing Qin Yu, the more Fu Yan is happy, the more intense the attack of Yao Chen, the more worried Su Leng is, this is not the way to go...

The new round began again, Yao Chen launched an attack again, but this time she let go the crescent moon blade and attacked with empty hands.

Lan Qin Yu saw Yao Chen suddenly put away her weapon, stunned, and saw her hands clasped together, made a strange movement, and the palm began to gather a mist.

Fighting internal strength?

Qin Yu looked anxiously at her palms. She should have deep internal strength, but she would not use it! How to do!

Yao Chen's attack has always been very fierce, and now it will give her extra time to think, and the lightning can't be overwhelmed, and the palm of her hand is on the chest of Qin Yu! The latter was shocked that the other party's purpose was the heart. Qin Yu realized that her life might not be guaranteed. Suddenly remembered that Master had let her remember the running route when she passed her internal force, and immediately recalled the scene at the time, trying to bring the infuriating(internal force). Seeing that Yao Chen's palm is about to come, I can't help myself to have the ability to pick her up, and my hands are so full of the infuriating palm of my partner.

There is a fire in the body that is tumbling, stirring up the blue dragonfly's unbearable fate, and Yao Chen is facing the palm, continue to run the infuriating in the hands as much as possible, close your eyes and let yourself concentrate.

Fortunately, Yao Chen's internal force does not seem to be very deep. After all... Even if it is a martial arts wizard, the internal force of three months and the internal strength of people for decades are incomparable. The more Qin Yu concentrated, the more gas she gathered.

Yao Chen's face changed slightly, quickly closing her hand and stepping back three steps.

The hand was placed behind the back, moving without notice, some numb... The eyes changed and a little murderous.

'When you don't know the strength of the enemy, don't show murderousness. Only when there is an accident, if you are not sure, you can exert all the strength and let the opponent follow the commandment! '

This is what Fu Yan once taught Yao Chen. It is intended to let Yao Chen remember all the moves of the enemy, digest it into her own moves, and then slowly deal with the enemy. Unless it is a last resort, her life is threatened, otherwise it cannot be exposed. Your own best trick or means.

This is a killer taboo! You can't easily show your skills.

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