051 Test (2)

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Qing Xun's unusual tension, Su Leng's slight worry, Lan Qin Yu actually feels, this is called Yao Chen, I know that it is trained to be professional, only listen to the form of puppets. This type of person is often very powerful, even if it is really like the uncle of the national character, only learn 3 months, dare to bring it out to prove that he has full confidence!

The people gave up a piece of open space and circled it. Lan Qin Yu and Yao Chen stood in the middle, waiting to show them a 'good play'...

Yao chen's hands moved, and he had a pair of meniscus-shaped short blades on his hand, making a posture to prepare for the shot. He was shocked and used weapons! ?

Even if it is a test, even if you don't want her to be the master, don't use it! There is no eye in the sword, and it may hurt your life at any time. Shouldn't this test be stopped as soon as possible? Is it appropriate to hear that the contest inside the door is still coming true?

Unsatisfied with Lan Qin Yu, Yao Chen's feet moved and prepared to attack. Qin Yu quickly took out her only sharp weapon from the calf. She was not used to the sword of others, nor did she have her. Sharp, the other side is also a short blade, which is fair.

fair? Wait, people are so powerful, do they need her to use the same weapon?

Just look for the long sword that wants her.


"Before the test begins!" Fu Yan interrupted the feathers, immediately announced the beginning, who knows what she wants to play tricks.

Fu Yan handed a hint to Yao Chen, who received an attack on Qin Yu after receiving it!

"qiang -" The blade violently hit, making a sharp sound. When the crescent moon blade almost stabbed Qin Yu, it immediately blocked the attack with the off blade, but the cheek was still rubbed by the impact with the internal force. Make a hole and seep out.


I didn't have the heart to pay more attention to the wounds, and I quickly blocked the next attack of Yao Chen. There was a crescent moon blade that did not give any gaps to attack. The rest of Yao's legs were not covered, but the Qin Yu's use was Modern self-defense, using her feet to hold her, can reduce the damage more or less.

A few rounds down, Yao Chen and Lan Qin Yu came to some distance and took a little rest. Yao Chen was unscathed, but Qin Yu looked a little embarrassed, and there was a little sweat on his forehead. The mouth drawn on his left cheek was still bleeding, and his arm was also marked several times. Two of them were just clothes cut. Broken, Qin Yu blocked the attack with the blade, the other few were not so lucky, the sleeves were stained with some blood, and the feeling of the skin being cut open was still in the mind of Qin Yu, very painful.

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