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   "Sooo whats up guys. So alot of people been asking whats goin on between me and nahmir. And honestly its complicated but imma go ahead and explain.

So basically i told him i didnt like his girlfriend at the time because she was messy and she caused us to fight alot more than usual bestfriends. So i told him in these exact words and i quote "all she is doin us drivin us apart. are we really in a fight over a messy dried pussy ass hoe".

And apparently i said something wro-

      ybnnahmir: oh rlly😂 u funny asl

"Bitch what the fuck is funny. Because how i see it is you used to be my best. And then some thirsty hoe come along and yo stupid ass wanna be all distant. So dont get it bent and twisted honey cause ill exposed yo dirty ass."

User1: whyd u say "am i still babygirl"

"I said that because to be completely honest thats what he used to call me. It wasnt intimate or romantic in any type of way it was just fun. And i used to call him this corny ass nickypooh name."

       ybnglizzy: stop all yo lyin
ybnnahmir: it didnt end over just a girl

"Glizzy aint nobody lyin first and foremost and nahmir why u talkin if youd let me finish my story then maybe i can get on with the rest. And plus why tf are yall on my live like go live yo life and make yall dirty ass money.

Anyways like i was sayin apparently i said somethin wrong which ion think so but he did. Then he started to kick me out the house so i left no problem. The next day i came back thinkin we was gon talk shit out but i was wrong.

Nahmir made me cry my ass to sleep that night. And ion even wanna be like ohhhh its all nahmir fault because it takes two to argue. And plus we was havin problems here and there over petty stuff that ion wanna get into. I probably made him as mad as he made me. Im not that type of person to go and be like its all his fault when its not.

But personally what i think is best for us is to for one stop sneak dissin on instagram and keep all personal shit off . But other than that i felt like all of my loyal and true fans deserved to know what was goin on.

I love yall and thank yall for all the support. My life would be trash without you guys and my two mains Ari and Luziya and not gonna lie nahmir made it a little better but as you can see we not on good terms and if we not on good terms neither are me and his team.

But anyways i love yall peace"

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