050 Test (1)

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It's the most taboo thing for people on the rivers and lakes, and it's the most degrading. Fu Yan knows this truth.

Lan Qin Yu and Su Leng, the majority of the two people in the theater have a tendency to favor them, Fu Yan secretly bite his teeth, and finally had to be reluctant to give up the idea of personally 'study' this woman.

However, it is not over yet! She wants to find the same conditions as him? Then he will find her an opponent that she can no longer complain!

"Yao Chen."

Su Leng eyebrows,Lan Qin Yu noticed, her heart was puzzled. Is there any problem with this Yao chen? Also... the killer of the secret door?

A cool breeze blew through the cheeks of Qin Yu, and when she passed the god, she stood a faceless woman.

Is she Yao chen?

Wearing a black tight-fitting night coat with black and black crows, the exquisite figure is more attractive under the tights, and the graceful figure makes Lan Qin Yu unable to hold back. However, although it is a face of peach blossoms, it lacks the look that ordinary people should have.

Standing in front of Lan Qin Yu, Fu Yan is beside her, without a word, his eyes seem to be staring at Qin Yu, and it seems that he is just looking ahead, and there is no specific goal.

"She is an orphan who I found in Yanting three months ago. I have not learned any martial arts or earning a living method before. It is a complete ordinary person. The training for her is only in this month, except for Wugong. The professor is all the conditions that a killer should have. By Yao Chen and you, you should not have any more complaints? She is also a woman, even at an age similar to you, no matter which side The conditions are the same. You have no opinion than the pilot?"

Equal? Su Leng snorted.

The person inside the door is not clear, is he still unclear? This Yaochen is the latest killing tool he has cultivated. Almost all his housekeeping skills are taught to her. Yaochen's bones are different from ordinary people, and the things she learns are much faster than ordinary people, and her mind is simple. When you are a student, you will not participate in other thoughts. You will only digest the things you see one by one, and listen to Fu Yan's words 'good plus'.

Fu Yan intends to train Yao Chen as the first killer of the secret door. Now... Yao Chen is also his most effective assistant, but he deliberately concealed the people inside the door and wanted to keep a trump card in hand!

Qing Xun was aware of Yao Chen's strangeness. He could not detect the suffocation of a killer, and he could not feel murderous. Even if he did not notice them, he was very suspicious...

This woman is too unusual, with the current Xiao Yu... I am afraid there is no chance of winning!

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