049 Make things difficult (3)

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If you want to take a quick response, you can only find a way to save your life. If you want to be a master, it's good to have Su Leng's support. But if you can't pass the Fuyan, you will not have the support of half the people in the door. Must find a way!

Only half of the people agree that there is not much difference between doing and not doing it. To do it thoroughly, and to be absolutely convinced.

Now, the most troublesome thing is that she has an internal force behind her, but she still has no time to learn how to use it. She has no time and no time to find out if it is a cloud and a half-style. If this time is later, maybe She doesn't have to worry about not being able to cope with Fu Yan's dead uncle!

do my best......

"I said Uncle, you are bullying people. Isn't it, I am indeed the first disciple of your front door, and the only disciple. There is no doubt that he is true. It is not too short for me to worship. In a few months, I have never learned a bit of martial arts before. Uncle, you have been practicing for a long time, and you have a muscle, and then you can take advantage of this momentum! Even if I am the apprentice of the master, can't I compete with you so soon? Do you want to bully? If you win only those who have only learned more than a few days, will everyone in the door be convinced by you? Will you be convinced of this result? This is a disadvantage for me in terms of form. It's not fair to me."

The palm of my hand is sweating, and I still convinced him in an orderly manner. It is also said that all the people here, at least, don't have to compare with this fierce uncle, she still has some hope!

Uncle's face is contemptuous, and it seems to be ridiculing the sophistry of Qin Yu. It is more like complacency for guessing that Qin Yu is incapable. Annoying uncle!

"How? Retreat, thinking that you can avoid the test?" It really is a mess!

"Hey, it's not right to say this." Su Leng glanced at her with some worries, and Qin Yu returned with a smile, and his heart secretly stabilized his nervousness.

People care for her so much that they can't let him down. If they want to stay in the dark door, they should count on Su Leng.

"I don't mean to escape. Uncle, you can rest assured. I am just saying that it is unfair for me to be a newcomer and to test with you so well after only accepting Master's short-term special training. But if and me I am accepting your challenge when I compare people who have the same conditions as me. Frankly speaking, I don't have any assassination skills. I have never touched the killer before I joined the teacher, so the professional killer will do it. I will not do it. Of course, in addition to the necessary martial arts, Master's skills are not paid. If I can win a person who has only studied for several months but has received professional training in the secret door, I think... you shouldn't have any complaints?"

In terms of conditions, it is still beneficial to the uncle, and should not be rejected by this proposal, as long as...

Seemingly unconsciously glanced at Su Leng, the latter immediately understood her meaning, and coughed aloud, said: "Right, you have been in the secret door for more than 20 years, martial arts have accumulated from childhood, you come and begin to learn martial arts The new doorkeeper contests, I am afraid... the doorkeeper will be dissatisfied, and even more will say that you are bullying, so... Is it the identity of your secret door?"

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