048 Make things difficult (2)

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I thought that the uncle of the national character would be jealous, but never thought that when he heard the words of Lan Qin Yu, I was surprised to laugh at the unclear smile.

"The doorkeeper has never received a disciple. You said that you are the first disciple of the doorkeeper. The master must give you all the skills and let you inherit. Can I say yes?"

Give her skill directly to her, is it to give her the ability, right?

Qin Yu nodded.

Su Leng did not have time to give hints to Lan Qin Yu. She saw that she was not prepared to be nodded, and her heart snorted.

Fu Yan is obviously setting her words, the purpose is to prevent her from taking over, she even recognized it so easily! A little bad!

Fu Yan, that is, Yan You's revealing a look that you counted, and laughed a few times.

"Even if you hold white jade, the secret door will not admit that you are our new door. The reason why the doorman can convince us is not just because he has white jade, but his excellent martial arts no one can And, with this ability to lead us, so we subordinates will be willing to sell their lives for the door. Now, you say that you are the disciple of the door, and that you want to take the secret door, then ... want to get our approval, then We must let us take a look at whether you have the ability to sit on the door!"

Fu Yan took off the black gloves that had been in his hands (don't ask if I had gloves in ancient times, this is different time and space, just have it!), revealing a big hand that is two feet larger than the feathers of the feathers, hands clenching fists The bones creaked, the most frightening thing is that this person still has something suspected of a steel sleeve, and there are a little protrusions on the outer end. If the protrusions are swept to any part of the body by a strong wrist force... ...I feel so painful when I think of it!

He shouldn't be playing with her as a woman in the sea! My mother-in-law, she still doesn't want to die so early!

 Su Leng and Qing Xun are about the same height, close to the standard of one meter eight, but the uncle of the national character is taller than them, and still strong! If the age is a little smaller, it's no different from those muscled men on TV!

Want to cry without tears!

When Qing Xun took the gloves, he stretched his body and was ready to protect Qin Yu But... she also understood that if she was here to stop Fu Yan for her, she would say that she was incompetent. ! She has no ability to fight back!

That is also a fart!

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