047 Make things difficult (1)

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Su Leng keeps it...

Since this jade has such a role, have they not thought of using it to find the Heron Master?

It's been so long... It's not right. Look at the look of Master's suspected escape in prison. Eighty percent escaped from the secret door. It's not what is missing! If Su Leng really didn't use it, she could only say...the two of them are colluding well! No wonder Master said that Su Leng can be trusted. It turned out to be the case...

"I can't agree!" The uncle of the Chinese character was bored for a long time, and finally couldn't stand the cold tone of Su Leng's complete use of Qin Yu as a new door, and expressed his opinions.

The door owner disappeared himself, and said that there will be a next position to pick up his own. Such a good opportunity, the most qualified to be the doorkeeper should be him right! How can this woman who does not know where it comes from be the obstruction!

"Even if this woman has white jade in her body, we don't know where she came from. Maybe it was accidentally stolen from the door owner, or it was just a chance to get it! I will never admit it. Such a woman of unknown origin!"

There are some arguments in the crowd, and the uncle of the national character is also the so-called left-hander in the secret door. His words are absolutely enough in the hearts of these subordinates!

This is confusing the public!

It is rare that she has this mind to be your doorkeeper. When the head of the killer does not know what to say, she still feels that she is not qualified. Why, does he have that qualification?

Su Leng didn't say anything, she will not say anything. The person is handsome and graceful (giving her a seat is a very gentle gentleman behavior), and the same position as the national character uncle. Ask, put them together, who will choose a middle-aged uncle, and give up the young handsome guy?

Some can only say that the person certainly has no long eyes...

There is no more sorrow on the legs, and it is certain that Qing Xun is still around. It is expected that Su Leng will also protect her, letting go of courage and rock right to make it stronger.

"I said this uncle, I have to remember to be a bit different. Su Leng also said. Baiyu is the supreme token of the secret door. Do you want to ignore it as a right-hander? Since I am carrying it, I am calling me and Your front door master has a certain relationship. In other words, it is clearer that your front door master is the master of my new master. The first disciple of the god shadow- heron is not enough for you. Boss? The first disciple, is the origin of the unknown?"

Before Master passed her internal force, she collected and confiscate other disciples. It is impossible for Lan Qin Yu to know and she does not want to know. She only recognizes one point! The heron gave her most of her skills, even if there were other disciples who could not compare with her, then she claimed that the first disciple was well deserved!

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