Chapter 18 - The threat

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"The information on these papers are too important... only someone high in the court could've known all this..."

The advisor grew quiet. He knew his lord was right. And also what those words meant.

Yes... the only way the bandits could've gotten this level of information from someone like a noble... or possibly even a lord...

And if my wielder brings this to court, it'll only cast the shadow of doubt in everyone... in the chaotic state the kingdom is right now, there's no way they'll be able to fight all the threats and look for the traitor at the same time...

"Sir!" a soldier shouted before entering the main tent in a rush.

The lord and the advisor turned to him.

Without stopping to recover his breath, he made a quick bow.

"Lord Dale is coming, sir!" he said in a gasped voice. "He has sent a messenger informing he'll be here soon."

At the mention of the name, the advisor widened his eyes.

The lord did the same, his face losing some of the color it had recovered.

"T-thank you," Enrique said when he recovered himself, dismissing the soldier with a nod.

"Why is Lucky Chaos coming here?" the lord muttered when they were alone again, supporting himself on the table. "That's the last thing I need right now... to deal with him..."

"I don't know, my lord. But we cannot ignore him," the advisor said, not hiding the frustration in his face.

"I know, I know..."

Alonso covered his face with a hand and took a deep breath.

Who is this call Lucky Chaos? Tetsuko wondered. Even if she didn't care much about the people of this world, her wielder's reaction set her curiosity.

"Have you met him personally?" The lord asked in a low voice after a while.

"Once, at your cousin's wedding party... he looked... too old for his age... but even so, his presence..."

"His presences makes you... too uncomfortable," Alonso finished the thought, wincing. "As if there's something under your skin..."

"Yes... I still remember that day... But he may help up with this situation." Enrique tried to be optimistic, though his expression said otherwise.

Alonso let out a weak chuckle.

"With his reputation, his help might ruin everything for might even be my downfall."

The silence fell on the tent once again.

"A-are the stories about him are true...?" The advisor asked hesitatingly after a while. "I've only heard the rumors..."

Alonso poured himself some wine and drank slowly.

"Most rumors are true," the lord said in a dark tone. "His nickname, Lucky Chaos, isn't undeserved. He's an incredibly lucky man... but his success was thanks to the downfall of others... or even their death..."

"S-so... what happened to his brother and nephew...?"

Alonso gulped as his eyes went out of focus.

"Yes... the original rightful heirs of the castle Lucky Chaos is now... I remember his brother... he was what you'd expect from a lord... strong and just... I was there that day... in the hunt when he died... I was almost a man and my father allowed me to go with them..."

"And... how was the luck of Lord Dale involved...?"

Alonso looked at his advisor with a dark expression.

"To this day, I can't forget what happened. When the falcon dived for its prey, the hunter tried to shoot it down right away, but he couldn't. He was waiting for the shot, but the bird went towards his horse. The animal got scared and became out of control. The crossbow fell from the hunter's hands and when it hit the ground, it shot by itself... the bolt hit the Lord right in the back of the neck... he died almost right away..."

Enrique gulped and tugged at the collar of his clothes.

That's... an incredible bad luck, Tetsuko thought.

"Then... what about Lucky chaos nephew...?"

The lord shook his head gravely.

"That was also tragic... His wet-nurse ate some bad food. Shrimp or something, that her brother had won in a card game at the fishing docs. The baby drank her milk and in the next day... he never woke up..."

The lord trailed off, pouring another cup of wine for himself.

Lucky Chaos, the soul in the sword thought. But certainly anyone would find those deaths suspicious, right? This Dale had become the lord of the lands thanks to two strange deaths...

The advisor voiced what Tetsuko was thinking.

"Yes... everyone was suspicious... People investigated... especially the closest friends... but no one never found anything. Not a single proof tying Dale to the deaths of his older brother and nephew..."

"So his luck means someone else downfall..."

"Yes... There were more... strange situations... but by then, the nickname Lucky Chaos was already circulating..."

Once again the silence filled the tent.

The lord finished his wine and stared at the cup.

"I can't believe he's coming here now... maybe that's destiny way of saying that my time has come... and I'm not even twenty-five years old..."

"My lord. S-shouldn't we turn Lord Dale away? Say that we can't receive him properly at this time... we are still in pursuit of the bandits... and you still haven't recovered..."

"Wish I could do that. But he's too big in the inner court, even with his infamy... refusing him isn't an option... not unless we want to deal with the consequences..."

Both men fell silent as they waited for the noble known as Lucky Chaos to arrive.

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