046 Keeper (3)

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As far as their reaction is concerned, the person who owns this piece of white jade is supreme and cannot be disobeyed. From the time when these people heard the question of Su Leng, they put down all kinds of hidden weapons on their hands and murdered them.

Maybe, taking over the door is not as difficult as she imagined, as long as there is white jade in the body!

Master, you gave the apprentice a errand, which is very interesting!

"What? Don't you continue? I am not really a secret person, just like this, don't sanction?"

Lan Qin Yu slammed into the position of the left and right. Su Leng saw the meaning of Qing Yu, and did not care to let the position, for her to sit.

People are willing, she is not good to refuse, right?

Sit down and sit down, cocking a lang leg, and sending it to the shoulders, it's like a little gangster who doesn't know how to live here...

I hired a hand and let the boy holding the jade come over. The latter approached obediently, stopped at the half-step of the feathers, and reached out to let Yu Yu see the jade.

Take off the white jade, close to the jade, the white halo of the jade is more obvious, and there is a faint blue light around it, as if calling the feathers to put the white jade on.

"Zhuo, if this white jade is put back on this jade, what will happen?" Such a good jade, if it is just put back to decorate, it is a pity.

"This kind of jade is very rare. It can only be found above the maple snow mountain in the end of the country. No matter how small a part of the whole jade is peeled off, as long as it is put back to its original position within 20 years, it will change within three days. Back to the original, there is no trace of it. This white jade has not been seen for more than 50 years since it was stripped from jade. It is only because jade itself is special and will resonate with things of the same texture. There will be the same kind of light, you can rest assured." Like the observation of Qin Yu's estimate, Su Leng explained gently.

The detailed answer of Su Leng, Qin Yu is very satisfied, so to speak... Take out the jade, just to find out if the person with white jade is present?

Asking Su Leng with her eyes, Su Leng will continue to explain.

"The door owner said before leaving. Today, there will be a new door owner with white jade. White jade is the supreme token in the door. It is also the treasure that the front door owner never leaves. It will appear on others, that is, the front door owner acknowledges The best evidence of the new door owner."

"Who is this jade kept by all the time?"

There is a reaction between jade and white jade. Doesn't that mean... as long as she is nearby, she will be discovered? All-natural tracker?

"The door owner has been carried by the door owner at the time of the door. After the door owner disappeared, it was kept by Su Leng."

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