044 Keeper (1)

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There were thirty or forty people gathered in the courtyard. Most of them were dressed in black, their eyes were fierce, and they had the unique murderous temper of killers. For example, those who are unfamiliar with the internal forces of martial arts, such as Qin Yu, also feel the murderousness of the whole body.

Micro-vibration, but not afraid, will kill the murderous killer, can not be a first-class killer, Kung Fu will not be comparable to the search, she does not have to worry.

Qin Yu and Qing Xun stood at the end of the crowd, quietly observing their every move, not making speeches, and without any intention to join, watching the change is a long time thought of Yu Yu, but also the best care at the moment. Your own policy.

There are two men sitting in the front position, one is a burly, dark-skinned, middle-aged uncle of the national character face, and the other is a young handsome guy who looks quite good in the white robes.

Compared with the two people, it is the cold and rock that Master said. If the name and the appearance match, it is inferred that the white handsome is Su Leng, cold. Then, the uncle of the national character is the rock, and it looks like it's really visible in the eyes... people are as famous...

The rock moved to the lower body, and the courtyard quieted down and no longer snorted.

"Leng zhuo, the secret door can't be long-lasting. First, the door owner has been missing for three years. It is already the limit. If you continue this long, I am afraid that the dark door will have a great impact on the future. Today is the final deadline. The left has said that three years ago, the door owner has explained, and today the next door will be born. Then Yanmou ask left, what is the door?"

Leng zhuo? The original ambassadors of the secret door are also divided by the left and right, then the national character uncle is the rock right?

The named Su Leng, ignoring the words of the uncle of the national character, was obviously dissatisfied with the words of the current situation. He randomly glanced at the people present. The face was dark and the eyebrows were slightly stunned, and his face showed imperceptibility.

After all, the first-class is different from people, and quickly put away some of the emotions revealed, and leisurely picked up the teacups on the table, and tasted the goods, and replied without hesitation: "Why should the right be too hasty, the doorkeeper does have To explain, the new doorkeeper will be born today, and it is for this reason that I will gather here. Isn't it? It's already here, waiting for a moment, why not, when did the doorkeeper's words have any flaws? , own knowledge."

The index finger tapped the teacup, and the white boy appeared in front of the crowd like a wind. It was the person who had just led the way. The difference is that the teenager has a piece of jade in his hand, which is white and bright, bright and moon-like. It is worth noting that it is rare color and transparency. The jade is called a round shape, and the juvenile's hands are close together to wrap the entire jade. There is a similar circular gap in the middle. It seems that there is something in the original, but it is stripped.

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