Sparks Fly

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Beep! Beep! The alarm clock caused me to jump out of bed and fall on the cold floor. Even though my morning wasn't so great I didn't care because today was my 15th birthday and I wasn't going to let anything ruin it. I took a quick shower then ran to the kitchen where I was greeted by Athena my mother and my father Paul. Since it was my birthday I ate a huge breakfast which included waffles, sasuage, egg whites, and bacon. While I was eating, my two older brothers Chris and Alex came towards me and at that sight I already knew what was coming.

On each of my arms Chris and Alex started to pound on them fifteen times and I yelled out a large cry. "Enough" my father quickly said, "okay Sean we talked about this for the past 2 years, as you get older you will have to start taking responsibility for your actions and grow up." He continued to talk but everything he said came in through one ear and came out the other. Although I didn't plan anything for my birthday I knew sure as hell I wasn't going to sit at home doing nothing so i got dressed and headed outside. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and birds were chirping. I inhaled deeply taking in as much of this wonderfull air as possible.

Before I knew it I had made a whole trip around the neighborhood, and was back at my house. I walked inside and checked the time , it was already two in the afternoon. I was on my way to my room until I passed my parents bedroom door and heard yelling. Now it wasn't like my parents to argue, they always got along with each other so I had to hear what this was about. " It should have happened by, I dont know whats going on maybe we should take him to see Dr. Harp" my mother said. " Athena it will happen when it happens and I am done having this conversation with you, in my opnion I think it would be great if Sean never developes his abilities, then we wont have to send him to camp Lakewood".

I heard my dads foot steps coming closer to the door so I walked swiftly into my room and turned on my labtop. I thought about one word my father said "abilities" when my labtop finally turned on I searched camp Lakewood on the internet. Their were no search results and I found this weird. Knock! Knock! My mom was walking into my room so I quickly closed my labtop. "Hey honey I never got a chnce to give you my present" my mom said. She took out a small square box and handed it to me. I carefully took it from her hand then slowly opened it. Inside was a silver neck chain and seperatly there were little gems of each color of them rainbow. " Dont put it on now" my mother said. "Why?" I asked and she said " because you arent ready yet" I frowned and but the chain back into the box and then put it in the drawer of my nightstand.

The rest of the day went by fast and I didnt do much. When it was about 11pm I told my parents that I was going to bed. Time flew by and I found myself staring at the ceiling through out the whole night, I was still thinking about camp Lakewood and how my dad said abilities, I told myself that I will be honest and comfront them about what I was thinking in the morning. My thoughts were interuppted when I heard the sound of breaking glass. I quickly sat up and listened intensivly. Another sound of breaking glass caught my ear and I ran towards my parents room.

Just as me they were on their way outside, following us were my brothers. I turned on the kitchen light and screamed at what I was looking at, there was a creature on the floor with no hair and its skin was green as if it was made out of some sort of slime and it was bleeding out of his lower stomach. "Crap" I heard my mother say under her breath as she stood behind me. She lowered herself to the ground and slapped both of her hands together as if she was about to pray then slammed then on the floor. Vines started to fly from the ground creating some sort of box around the creature and as I saw this i fell backwards and blacked out.

I woke up screaming in my bed, my father ran inside and asked "whats wrong?" "Nothing" I said "just a nightmare". I went to the kitchen with some hesitation and got a glass of orange juice, everything seems to be normal I said to myself but that dream felt so real. I heard my mom call me from the backyard so i put my juice down and went to she what she wanted. she said "I know about that dream last night and truthfully it wasn't a dream, everything you saw was true and I think its time that I start telling you the truth whether your abilities come in or not".Ii looked at her with a confused expression on my face then she did something unique. The ground started to slowly sink and before I knew it I was in an underground room.

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