043 Intervention (3)

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The alley was deep, and there were a few squats sitting on the ground in the alley, smashing the bowl in his arms and squinting against the wall. Continue to go deeper, the shadow of the beggars gradually reduced, almost no one, the occasional passage of several doors and windows are also closed, giving people a sense of lifelessness, the lane is also quiet and abnormal.

I have heard that there are places where murderous creatures are far away, and there are no snake worms. Is it so quiet here?

"Xiao Yu."

I'm looking for Lan Qin Yu that still wants to move on, and my eyes are locked on the left side of the pattern. Here is the target.

It is no different from the door that passed by. Lan Qin Yu tentatively knocked on the door with the way the heron told her. Knock first, pause, knock three times, the last two, then use the entire palm to force a shot.

There was a shred of sound in the door, and then a small slit was opened. The person inside the door did not show up, only said one sentence.

"The secret number, belongs."

"Ghost face, cold to make it."

Ghost face refers to the contact method, that is, the grim face along the way. There are two ambassadors in the secret door. The cold ambassador and the rock make the cold, so that the cold is the name of the teacher, and the rock is the master who did not mention it.

In the second door, the management manages the receipt and execution separately, and the rock collection is cold, that is, Su Leng's jurisdiction is the forward force, and the rock is the management logistics... It can be said. Anyway, Master told me that Qin Yu said this, and the specific meaning did not have time to ask. If you can go in, you will be fine!

If the person who meets the door hears the conversation of Yu Yu, the door is opened. It is a teenager in white. The text is weak and weak, and he bows his head and walks into it without a word.

Inside the door is a very bright yard with a few pear trees on both sides, surrounded by some flowers and plants. There is a birdcage on the table on the right side. There are two canaries flapping small wings and discovering Someone came in and looked at the direction of the feathers with the mung bean-sized eyes. It was cute. The situation in the blue-eyed feathers is expected to be very different. It is not like the place where the killer will choose. Who is the place here? So leisurely, planting flowers and raising birds?

As the teenager walks through the yard and walks into the West Court, the more he goes inside, the more the voice on the ear becomes clearer and more numerous.

Argument, dispute, is this the vegetable market?

"Two please." The young boy slightly decapitated and made a gesture of asking, and he retired alone.

Lan Qin Yu and Qing Xun stand in an independent small courtyard, which is quite different from the courtyard seen after entering the gate. There is no sense of feeling, no pear trees, and gold silk is in the cage. Qin Yu shrunk her body, can not distinguish between the weather, or psychological, always feel that the air around her has dropped a lot, and the heart raised a little chill.

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