042 Intervention (2)

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"Well, then I will go with Qingxun. I am very reassured by the martial arts of Qingxun. I myself... I have got a whole body and I should not be hurt!"

Generally speaking, even if someone with internal strength is shot by a person, they will not suffer any injuries. If there is a green look, it should be... not injured! Think about the good side!

"Well, take care of yourself. If you feel that it is not right, don't take it anyway. You can't force yourself." Yue Ruoyun worriedly put a hand on the cheek of Qin Yu's white, and he was very uneasy.

Qing Xun slightly turned his head. The road continued to the distant moon country. The atmosphere between Yue Ruoyun and Xiao Yu became more and more ambiguous. Qingxun could not help but worry about the Feng Tian Qing in the Qingfeng Palace. The cloud should be uncomfortable. Ok...

In private, the relationship between Qingxun and Moyun is very good, but the identity of the young seeker will be more serious. Only when he and Mo Yun will call his name, Mingli always officially calls him an your honor or  prime minister. .


The next day.

In front of a certain inn, Qing Xun and Lan Qin Yu aimed at the strange secret number on an inconspicuous corner.

All the way is the kind of secret number, the more you look at it, the more you think... people can't afford the spirit!

It's not good to use a cipher. It's actually a ghost face... I think it's a thing that people like Master will use, the so-called god shadow, the old urchin that Qin Yu thinks! The old face of smirk is emerging in my mind, still so flat! With the same face as this grim!

The face refers to the direction. This is what Master said to him that day. I didn't understand it at the time. Now I know what it means. What is the face is the direction!

The whole grimace is the secret number, and the grimace is the appearance of sticking out the tongue and squinting, that is, telling the inside of the secret door, the direction of the location! This grimace is obviously on the west side of the inn. Is this the so-called...direction? The west side is an inconspicuous alley...

"I want us... walk into the alley... mean?"

"Well, it should be right."

The more inconspicuous the place, the more unfortunate things are, the words are really not wrong!

"Hah, ha, then... just go." How do you feel that this is not a place to go to the killer, it seems to be playing with the urchin!

After she takes over, be sure to change this ghost code! Too much to lose the door of the door!

Such a pattern does not reminiscent of a secret door, and it is thought to be a child's graffiti. But she just can't accept it, too pediatric! Too naive is too much image!

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