040 Take over (2)

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"Patter -"

Suspected that some kind of bird flapping its wings into the ears of Qin Yu, the sound is getting closer and closer, and it is coming from the gate.

Not waiting for Qin Yu to return to the gods, a black lacquered unidentified object flew in, and continued for a long time, the sound stopped, and the 'unidentified object' landed on Master's shoulder.

Take a closer look... is this? crow?

What is this singing again?

Master is whistling to call this... crow? What are you calling?

Old heron with his fingers touched  raven's head, smiled and praised it came really fast ...... Qin Yu no way interrupted, shut up.

"Girl, you call me master, I had the true mass, from now on you will put himself as the main door of the secret door. You should also know that the secret door is what kind of existence, how you do not have to pay much attention before, In the future, how can you manage the secret door? I will not take care of it. You only have to follow your own wishes! Even if you disband the secret door, I will not have anything to say. I will continue to carry forward. It will be against! This is the rare bird of the world, the crow, and the messenger used by the secret doorkeeper. It is called Qing, you bring it, and I will contact you later. But...nothing important, It doesn't matter if you don't contact."

The main secret door is very powerful, it can be awesome. On the one hand, it is as good as the Jiang Qing, and there are so many, he has long been bored! Cannot because of the frequent use of Qing  and girl comfortable, leaked his position, attracted a group of troublesome guys is not good!

messenger? This crow? Reiki, the crow?

"Master, you are not kidding? Use this crow as a messenger? Isn't it all flying pigeons? How white is black..."

"Flying pigeons? What is it? Is it the contact method used by your world? It's different from here, wonderful! It's all about the flying crows, all of them are ordinary white crows. The crows are special. It is also the only pure black spirit! It is not the average person!"

Flying, flying crows pass books...

Mouth twitching, eyes twitch,Lan Qin Yu feels that her entire face is twitching, no, how the world is doing! Such ordinary things are actually made by them... so no sense!

The old heron saw the dissatisfied expression of Qin Yu, and reminded her more: "You don't want to kill it. I am so one. After I have not, my contact with you will be broken. After a while, I am again. If you want to change places, then you can't find me when you can't find me. Also, although the meat of the crow is delicious, you can't eat it, understand?"(??)

Continue to swear!

Eat... crow? Killing her will not eat this thing! Meaty, still delicious? How did he know... Just said that there is only one left, it would not be that Master himself ate the other ones...

This old man... is simply super helpless!

"I, I won't eat, Master can be assured..."

Upon hearing this, the old heron finally let go of his heart and continued to add: "There will be a gathering in the dark gates of the moon in tomorrow, which was told before I disappeared. It is the election of the new party. You will go to the altar tomorrow. Sit down the position of the doorkeeper!"

Tomorrow... I'm going to deal with the secret door so soon, it's a little bit faster...

"After you have reorganized all the secret door affairs, the people in the door are convinced that you are taking it orally, listening to it, and solving your own problems. Come back to me."

The old heron flew and jumped, so it disappeared from the eyes of Qin Yu...

Shadows... This is the shadow! Really not covered! There are only 10 years of skill left and such a peerless effort, no, Master is not allowed!

"The last Congress has something that interests you. The secret headquarters is also there. Find a time to go." The figure is not there, but the air echoes such a sentence.

Interested in? What is it?

The words show that you will go again! Dead old man! why is it like this! Hanging her appetite ah!


"Tomorrow... It's a little too fast! Look for Qing Xun to go with it, Ruoyun doesn't know if you would like to accompany me... oh..."

Some worried, inadvertently turned around, the chin almost did not fall!

On the wall... broke a big hole...

what is this? Didn't Master just use the light work? what is this? Dizzy! I don't know what to say...

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