039 Take over (1)

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There wasn't even a shadow in the broken room. The servant of the gatekeeper saw her like a ghost, and ran away. It is estimated that she knows her identity is special, scared! Ha!

Unimpededly walked to the place she had been in, or the haystack, the broken table, nothing else...

Yeah, it's only three days, what can change?

Ah, it doesn't change completely, hehe! The old man was sitting honestly on the grass on the edge, and the white hair fell down and could not see his face.

Sitting there motionless, I can't see any interest, I can't help but press my face, the old man... It's really because of the skill.

Seeing this look, Qin Yu really can't say that he doesn't want to be the doorkeeper for his life. "Old man, I won't waste your martial arts. I will manage the secret door as much as possible, but... if it really manages No, I still have to keep my life, you must not object to it, so you will not die in peace, rest in peace."

"Dead gimmick! Actually cursing me to die!"


The person who sat on the side for the first second suddenly flashed to a distance of less than 10 cm from the feathers. This...the speed is a bit too much!

"How come you didn't die?" TV didn't play like this!

The old man's face is still a little pale, but the strength seems to have recovered a lot, and the words are much more powerful than when they give her power.

"You are dead, I will not die, I am a long-lived old man! I only passed you 40 years of skill, stayed for 10 years, can't die! I haven't lived yet!"

I have stayed for ten years! ? Lan Qin Yu is completely speechless. How do you say this? A good old man...

The old man raised his eyebrows. "What kind of expression do you have? Girl, don't be too greedy. Your little body bone can't absorb my 50 years of skill. It has been very stubborn for 40 years. Part of it for 10 years is for myself. There is also a part of it for your life! Thank you!"

It was said by the old man that Qin Yu remembered that the situation around his own smoke was very wrong. Could it be because the body could not stand it? In this case, the old man is really thinking about her...

"Not yet called Master!"


The old man waved at Qin Yu, indicating that she come in and slammed the lock... It was open, and the martial arts would be good, this kind of small lock could not be locked!

"Master, you are so powerful, there is no reason to be trapped here, you should not... Is it because you live here and eat white?" On the title, Qin Yu changed her mouth naturally, and always told the old man to blame, called Master. He is also well deserved! At the place, I don't understand Master's actions. I don't understand. This is not a five-star hotel. Why are you here? Is it better to have a better place to enjoy? Live your own sin!

Qin Yu a white, also said it knew, threw his old head too!

"Right, Master, I don't know what you are called"

"The Shadow of God - Heron."

God shadow? heron?

Qin Yu raised her hand and asked, "Is the master a surname of the goddess or the name of the god? "

"Dead girl! There is a surname god or god shadow in this world! God shadow is another name given by people on the rivers and lakes. Your master, I , am the best in the world, the gods are gone, there is no shadow, no trace, the talents on the road gave such a Name. The heron is your master's name!"

Oh, it turns out, um! To understanding! Master called the heron! The people of Jianghu are called the shadows! It is like this!

The old heron whistled and sat quietly. Lan Qin Yu did not understand what he meant, but had to wait quietly.

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