038 Dark door (2)

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Um... everything is taken, and martial arts should be passed to her, right? It's too treacherous to accept the benefits and then repent. It's not good, but it's just a door! In fact, it is no big deal, when the door owner can call the person in the door, he is the boss, it is not bad!

"It's certain, the tokens are taken, and now it is impossible to repent."

  Yue Ruoyun frowned, he snorted, "Yu er, this jade, where did it come from?"

I didn't see that she was wearing it before. When did she get it? From what people got it? Why is it Lan Qin Yu?

The key point is that from the pulse of Yu er, there is also a strong infuriating in the body. Before... he can be sure that Yuer will not be martial arts. In this short period of three days, she got this extraordinary. Infuriating...

What to say?

The old man should be the boss of this secret door. Now in prison, it is unlikely that he will be arrested. There is no reason for martial arts! Then it is possible to avoid the enemy and the like, in a word, just to hide!

Then, don't you say that the old man's things are better?

"I just accidentally got this jade, I know that this is the secret of the secret door. I met a martial artist who passed it to me on the way. In short, I was lucky! The high man didn't know where to go. It's gone, now I can only take over, and there is no harm anyway! Right?"

As long as you don't tell the old man, is it OK? Supreme, the old man is indeed a tall man! If she is not unaware of her instinct and youthfulness, then there is no need to hide it. Confession is easier to accept.

"But... Xiao Yu, this secret door, I think you still have to think about it, you... really know what kind of organization the secret door is?"

It's hard to imagine that she would know about these rivers and lakes when she was a child's fun personality. When she was out of the palace, she had been living in the palace before, and she should not have the opportunity to contact any things in the rivers and lakes...

What kind of organization is it?

"Like what Shaolin, Wudang, and so on, what martial arts sects, rivers and lakes! The sects must be a lot, you seem to know this secret door, it should be a small organization, then when the door is not It's not bad!" Why are they both super-difficult?


The two men sighed for a long time, Qing Xun explained: "Indeed, the secret door is a big martial art, a big ... underground martial art. This is completely different from the so-called famous decents on the rivers and lakes, dark The door... In short, it is the gathering place of the killer, the concentration camp, the assassination of the master's lair... The same existence. The secret door people are all killers, among them the masters are like clouds, and the power distribution is also very wide, all over the place, almost Every place has a dark-skinned eyeliner. In general, the secret door is a sect that will make people feel frustrated. Ordinary people will never be stupid enough to send them to the door..."

In such a dangerous place, Xiao Yu is going to go?

The neck feels cool, and the feathers can't help but touch it. I wiped the sweat from the forehead. This... I really didn't expect it.

Killer organization, a little... over! Just think about it, I feel infiltrated, the whole door is a killer, she is the master, surrounded by killers, killers! It may not be long before she collapsed, and it was not surprising when she hangs in the killer.

How, what should I do?

What did Qing Xing just say? Ordinary people will not be stupid to send themselves to the door? In the past, she is not an ordinary person! Besides... she is not stupid, indeed... it's not a wise choice to vote for the net.

when? Or improper?

One side is her own life, and the other is the benefit that the old man gave her... She wants both sides, she wants to care on both sides, the old man may have died, and even the wishes of others are not finished well, she will live alive. Not at ease!

  Qin Yu pretending to touch the bottom of her clothes, exclaimed: "Oh, my baby things are gone!"

  They were still waiting for her answer. By this call, both men turned stupid.

"What, what?" How did the topic turn so fast?

"Baby! Very baby stuff, ah! It must have been in prison! I can't let others go, I will come back! You areto wait here. I will go back and decide if I want to go back. When this secret doorkeeper. Now, don't follow me, just let me think carefully!"

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