The puppy incident!

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While I was somewhere in the lobby, Drac and his pack were nearby.

They managed to get Drac out of his dark cave. If it wasn't for Jonny's continues whining of getting his permission for us to come, he would have stayed in his coffin. Unfortunately, he also had to promise to greet us in person. Not an easy task for a depressed vampire. His friends stayed at his side, in case he changes his mind.

But they weren't aware of the current situation in the lobby.

"Tinkles, spit her out!" yelled a little boy. Next was the voice of a woman, "Tinkles, give her back!" I had no Idea who this 'tickles' was, all I know I was somewhere...inside.

As Drac and his friends arrived, all they could see everyone surrounding a huge dog.

"Mavi, what is going on here?" he ask his daughter confused. "Tinkles ate a guest Dad...a human guest" "Ah, I see, well this...what?!!!!" Drac became worried now, using his powers to get me out. I could see some light, coming from the near distance. Before I know it, I could see where I a mouth of a giant puppy. A man was reaching out to me, grabbing my wrist. Once outside, I was standing in front of someone familiar...the prince of Darkness, Dracula. I was drenched in salvia from the dog, shaking from the cold. Drac took off his cape and wrapped it around my body. "I am so sorry about this, I don't know what came over that dog" he tried to apologize, rubbing me a little, trying to warm me up. "It's okay, really, nothing to worry about" I said, looking over to my friends. They were relieved to see me in one piece, as well as Jonny.

"Thank goodness you are okay" said a woman in a black dress, black hair and blue eyes. I didn't have to ask who she was, since Jonny began to explain fast, "N/A, this is Mavis, my wife...." He pointed to a mini version of him beside him, "...and this is Dennis, my son."

"Obviously" was all I said, still shaking from the cold.

Before we could discuss this family introduction any further, Dracula had started his greeting at us, welcoming us to his hotel, but stopped as I sneezed out loud. Mavis stood beside her father now, "Dad, why don't you get your guest to her room. I think it is best for her to take a bath." The count agreed, even though he had wanted to be alone he couldn't refuse his daughter's demand. He pushed me forward, with his hand firmly against my back.

While he led me to the elevator, the rest of the group watched us leave.

Murray the mummy looked at Jonny, "Who was that?"

"Oh that is N/A, an old friend of mine."

"Did you see Drac's face?" said Griffin, the invisible man.

No one knew what he meant, as he explained, "He didn't look sad anymore...he, he...smiled a little."

"When did he do that?" asked Frankenstein, not sure when that happened.

"When he looked at her, he...seems to enjoy helping her."

Mavis didn't get the hint, "She is a guest, it is only natural for him to smile then."

Griffin shook his glasses sideways, "No, not like that...he he looked into her eyes."

Suddenly, everyone had the same thought, yelling it out at the same time,

"HE ZINGED?!!!!!!!!!!!"

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