It's Decided

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Annabeth looked up as Percy came into his bedroom, holding a small puppy in his arms. He put the pit bull puppy on the ground, and she bolted for the dog bed in the corner of the room. Annabeth laughed, sitting in the middle of Percy's bed, leg stretched out along the mattress. Percy moved towards her, crawling onto the bed, over her. Annabeth laid down as he moved over her, smiling.

He kissed her shoulder. "Grover brought Mrs. O'Leary back... So we do get some time to have fun..." Annabeth giggled as he kissed her bare skin, moving her dress straps down, kissing her body. She pushed his leather jacket off his shoulders, and Percy sat up, pulling his shirt up off his head, before he helped her pull off her dress.

That left her in a black bra nd black panties. His eyes trailed along her figure, before he kissed her stomach, eyes on hers. She bit her lip, and he moved his hands over her bare skin, giving her goosebumps. They slowly made up for lost time, with Percy touching her, kissing her, teasing her, until Annabeth begged him to put her out of her misery.

When it was over, Annabeth was panting, out of breath, feeling better than she ever had before. Percy dropped onto the mattress beside her, chest rising and falling quickly, a smirk on his handsome face. "Dam... What have you been doing while I was gone?" Annabeth laughed and rolled onto her side, the sheets up around her chest. She put her hand over the Owl tattoo on his chest. He'd gotten it for her, with her initials hidden discreetly within the feathers of the bird.

"It's called working out, Seaweed Brain. You should try it sometime." She joked, poking his rock hard abs. He grinned and kissed her neck, making Annabeth's mind melt. She couldn't deny that her boyfriend was sexy. In her opinion, he was a sex god. Then again, he was also the only person who Annabeth had ever had sex with. He was her first, and she prayed he would be her last.

"Hmmm... I think a couple rounds in bed with you is all the working out I need, beautiful." He mumbled in her ear. Annabeth blushed as he rolled her onto her back, moving the sheets off her body. "Gods, you're so gorgeous."

"You're just saying that because I'm having sex with you." Annabeth smirked teasingly.

"The fact that you are having sex with me is what amazes me." He whispered, kissing her lips. "I don't deserve a woman as beautiful as you."

"Why do you still listen to what my dad said?" Annabeth whined, shaking her head, arms around his neck. He pulled her legs up around his waist, and Annabeth held back a moan of pleasure. "You're trying to distract me."

His lips trailed on her skin, and he hummed against her throat. "Is it working?"

"I'm not gonna answer that." She kissed his jaw. "So spill..."

"I listen because your dad's right." He continued to kiss her skin, not moving his hips despite how badly Annabeth wanted him too. "You're too good for me... To me... I don't think I'd ever work my way up to deserving your love."

"That's not your decision, Percy. My heart decides who I love, and it decided a long time ago." He pulled away from her neck and smiled at her, kissing her slowly. This time, it was slow, gentle, careful, caring. When Percy rolled off of her, when they were done, he pulled her to his chest, arms around her in a tight and loving embrace. She nuzzled his chest and let her eyes closed, glad her dad thought she was spending the night with one of her friends.


In the morning, Annabeth woke up alone. She wasn't cold, though. She was covered up in a heavy Harley Davidson motorcycle blanket. It was thick and soft, and it made getting up painfully undesirable. She wanted to stay in Percy's bed all day and just wait for him to come back to her. She would have, too, if Mrs. O'Leary hadn't come up to her and licked her face. She giggled, picking up the black puppy. She sat up, holding the puppy in her lap, the blankets around her body. She scratched the dog's head, rubbed her belly, just showered her with attention. She was adorable.

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