036 Martial arts (2)

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This, this is not so good! Very easy to brain congestion!

"Girl, I can't really accept this kind of body. Since you got my martial arts, you have to pick up my stick and be the next doorkeeper of the secret door." The old man continued his work and began to command. What Qin Yu should do.

There is an impulse to roll your eyes, right! Xu Zhu is a good martial art, but people also have to be the head of the happy party, but also have to pay, how to forget this thing...

The old man was out of breath, and a transparent jade in his arms flew out. Yupei's matching rope was just stuck in the waist of Qin Yu.

"What is this?" It looks valuable.

It may be because the  input in the body is too strong ,Lan Qin Yu's body began to emit white smoke, and the body was hot and uncomfortable.

"This is the token of the main door of the dark door. You have to collect it and you must never lose it."

"Old, old man, the secret door you said is not very powerful." Listening to the name is very cool, but don't wait for the small door of the table!

The old man smiled complacently: "It's very powerful. When you go out, you will naturally know. Now listen carefully to me. The secret door and the Yanmen have always been two opposing doors. You should pay attention to the door in the future. There is a person named Su Leng who is an important person in the secret door. He is a trustworthy person. You can delegate anything you need to do."

Listening , Qin Yu remembers an important thing. After Xu Zhu gets martial arts, Xiaoyaozi?

The old man's words are also like the confession, just the second generation of Xiaoyao! Except for the face that was not exactly there, there was no sign of death.

He really may hang up because of the lack of internal strength! Lan Qin Yu began to struggle a bit, not wanting him to lose his life because of her skill loss, but on the other hand, I feel that people may have had this awareness for a long time, and it seems that it is not very good.

The most important thing is that even if she wants to stop it, she can't move it. The body can't move at all, it's hot, it's like being cooked.

"Old man, very, it's hard to be yelled, how long it will take... It's hot, and it's going to be ripe until the skin is underneath, I... I can't stand it!"

The old man gasped, and some of his powers shouted: "Don't be noisy, can't... concentrate on the fire, and we must squat, close our eyes, concentrate on remembering the invigorating operation of the body, next time... you want You can use these instinct freely, not for you, you can use it, if you don't work hard... it will be wasted!"

The heat makes the eyes fast and can't open. It's not surprising when you faint. It's hard to remember the running route of the infuriating!

First, the left arm, then the right arm, then the instinct and running in the abdomen for a week, then flow to the whole body, Lan Qin Yu only remembered a rough, the detailed brain can not remember, stupid, clearly the body's constant flow of power It's strange that the body enters and the body feels weak at the same time...

The old man felt that Qin Yu was trying to move, and quickly stopped. "Don't move, now is the key moment, you... may feel a little powerless, but... it doesn't matter, just because of a flood... too much infuriating, body Some can't afford it..."

The voice of the old man is getting weaker and weaker, and the words are also intermittent. After listening Lan Qin Yu, will not dare to move again. If he is really told by the old man, he will go into flames... It is not a joke!(?)

The surrounding hot air began to have a reduced appearance, and the body gradually showed signs of weakness. It didn't take long for the body to fall on the haystack with a slamming sound and raise a dust.

Consciousness began to blur, and the line of sight became very unclear. The vaguely seen is the old man's pale face with a falling face...

After that, she didn't know anything...

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