035 Martial arts (1)

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"The old man's brother figured that I would come? Others? Have you said how I will go back? When can I go back?"

Lan Qin Yu asked eagerly.

The old man shook his head and said. "My brother died as early as 7 years ago. Before he died, he only said that after 7 years after his death, you will come, we will meet, and nothing else."

Dead... The only person who figured out what she would wear, it was like this... dead!

What is this? Playing with people! If you want to die, wait until you can count anything that you can count!

The old man saw that Lan Qin Yu was very disappointed with the news and he cleverly shifted the topic. "Girl, was a person who had a hole, and was eating bad?"(girl do you feel angry over the fact that your are here without being guilty of anything?)

"How could good for him! I was not the only one who he plotted against!"

Although this time is not so ugly, I think back... I was concealed for the first time when I was out of the palace. Take a broken stick and go back to it. I am almost tired . The second time is poisoning. The pain of going to die. I almost wanted to bite my tongue. Then I was kidnapped by Feng Jilin and my neck was hurt twice, but it has not been broken; now it has been shown a thousand points, and it has been used as a thief by several dead servants to seize the cell!

At the end of the summary, they are all caused by a group of martial artists! If it is in modern times, there will be no such thing. It is blamed for the martial arts in this broken place. There are quilts, but she does not! Why do they have it, she does not, they still come to her trouble! This is obviously to bully people! Too sinister! Too bad!

The old man's thoughts on Qin Yu's thoughts were clear, and continued with her words. "When Shantou is not martial arts, it is harmed by martial arts. Can't be reconciled? Do you want to return the hardships you received before?"

Temptation is definitely the temptation of ** naked, but you can eat this set! It is not her personality to always eat suffocation. It is necessary to get back. Of course, we must avoid eating this dumb loss in the future.

"But... martial arts, oh, I didn't learn it all the time. I don't have any patience and I can't eat anything, I can't learn well."

Even if I learned a little fur, it doesn't matter. If it's just a fur, she won't make it like this. In the 21st century, she was a more powerful friend...(??)

Uh... the hero does not mention the courage of the year...

Now, basically it is a weak female flow! Weak, mentally retarded! I hate this statement, extremely annoying!

One old and one young, let's be a little one, sitting on the haystack face to face, the old one staring at the little, the little crying, the face sighing why he is so bad...

After a while, the old opening: "Girl, you can see it without patience, but... you say you want to learn?"

Seems to catch something! This old man... There is something in the words! I said that I have no patience but insist on asking if I don't want to learn. This is...

Lan Qin Yu suddenly blinked her eyes. After she understood it, she sneered and leaned over to the old man: "Old man, isn't it... you want to pass your martial arts to me?"

Can such a good thing happen to her ?

"The girl is not stupid, and the brain turns very fast."

After the language is finished, the old man squats next to Lan Qin Yu, and puts his hands on her hands. He closes his eyes and begins to input infuriatingly into the body of Qin Yu.

The old man is quite fast, this is! If you don't finish talking, you will pass on your skills to her! Great! She is also considered a virtual bamboo!(?)

Not long after, the body feels a hot air surge, from bottom to top, from left to right, the heat continues to spread in the body, the body is still hot, the forehead also shows sweat, the old man still closes his eyes, licking his lips Qin Yu infuriating for transmission. The body began to call the ground off the ground, rose up, slowly but regularly turned up until it was inverted!(??)

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