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Y/n P.O.V
I was with Dan in the Forest laying down on the floor, while Katie and Rocky both went to the house that we believe Jackie Voorhees is in, I try to stand up but my knee was hurting....

Y/n: I...I...need to save....Katie...

Dan: Y/n....there nothing we can do...

Y/n: yes there is!

I was trying to stand up and go to the house but Dan stops me

Y/n: let go of me, Dan!

Dan: dude...she doesn't want you to get hurt!

Y/n: and I don't want to see her get hurt, you have no idea of Jackie Voorhees...she strong!

Dan: dude...please...if you love Katie...then do not go there...

I looked at Dan then I looked at the house and then I remember all the times with Katie

Y/n: I...I...I just can't!

Dan: then I'm sorry to do this

Dan knocks the hell out of me with the gun

Dan: I'm sorry...but I promise Katie to keep you out of danger

Somewhere else in the forest

Jackson: so, what are we going to do now?

Thomas: I think the only smart thing to do is...get the hell out of this place

Victor: we're not going to leave the others!

Thomas: I'm not going to get myself killed because of them, we already lost Luke!

Jackson: wait...Luke is dead?!

Thomas doesn't say anything

Victor: yeah...he was Jackie Voorhees

Jackson: if that's true...then maybe we should leave...

Victor: w-what?!

Thomas: exactly!

Victor: are you saying, we should just let our friends to die in vain!

Jackson: if we go back...we're all going to die...just like Luke

Victor: Luke didn't die just so we can leave like cowards!

Thomas: you think we can beat Jackie...have you seen clearly?!

Victor: yes I have! And I understand what you mean! But what if we die! What If she's around us right now!

Jackson: ...

Thomas: ...

Victor: you know what...if I'm going to die...I rather die fighting for my friends!

Jackson: jeez Victor...what are you being like this right now...

Victor: because I'm tired of being the weak one...I want to show you all that I can be more suitable and strong in the group

Jackson smiles

Jackson: sure as hell are strong...fine...I will go back with you

Thomas: huh?!

Victor smiles

Victor: Thanks Jackson

Victor and Jackson looks at Thomas

Victor: come on Thomas...come back with us...and save our friends

Thomas: hell now! You guys can go die in vain! But I'm not going to get myself killed! See ya later!

Thomas leaves

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