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"Ah -"

A head suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yu without warning. The latter sat down on the ground, dilated and screamed!

Ghost, ghost?

It seems ...... no, not just a head, still attached to the body ...... fortunately still attached!

The horror was pacing the heart that was beating at a very high frequency. Lan Qin Yu swallowed and swallowed the emotion of 'scare,' and the brain finally began to function normally.

The head, turned upside down, is attached to the top and hung on the top.

After seeing it clearly, Qin Yu fell to the haystack in one breath. At this time, regardless of whether there were bugs or not, it was powerless to relax.

"I said the old man, don't be scary! You have a lot of age and still learn what to do!"

For a long time, this white-haired old man's legs hang on the top of the door next to the door, and look at her! And still laughing there strangely...

Strange old man turned over from above, sitting in front of Lan Qin Yu, put away a strange smile, and reached out to lift the chin's chin, looked around, as if thinking about something.

  Qin Yu was somewhat unclear, and she recognized him as "Hu Lai". Her legs were a little soft and too lazy to get up. She simply observed this strange old man.

  He wore a very old brown long coat, and  wore a very thick twisted rope on his waist. The clothes were old and not broken. The white ones had long hair, a little grass but it looked good, ah! What caught her most attention was that the old man's face was completely old-fashioned Li Wei!

It seems that the old tycoon, the brain must be good, imagine... the old version of Li Wei's face, when I look at you with Li Wei's very flat face... What do you think?

This old man... Ten ** is an old urchin!

Another noteworthy thing is that this old man's skin... damn good! Although a little wrinkle, you can know the pinkness at a glance! All of them are old, how can they be maintained so well, here is the prison! This old man has lived for the rest of his life, how can it be maintained! intrinsic?

Ah! Gasny! I really want to stretch my hand and rub it twice!

But , after all, ihe is an old man, it would be too rude ..... Of course, the premise is he hadn't being rude to her before!

"I say the old man, you have been watching for a long time, have you seen something?"

Then I called the singer(??) intimately, and then I got together to look at it. She is not a national treasure. Is it so serious? Looked for so long, it is estimated that even she has a few eyelashes can be counted!

The old man's hand left Qin Yu's chin and smirked and sat down on his knees. He said, "Yatou, just got a hole?"(??)

As soon as I talked about the acupoints, Qin Yu's gangsters bulged again. "Not! I was imprisoned by a rotten man. After I went out, he was not killed!"

"Yatou, isn't it here?"

"Yeah, I am from the wind, I have come to the moon to play, I have just encountered this kind of thing just after the moon, and I am unlucky!"

The old man shook his head and said: "I don't mean this, you...not the people of this world?"

Not...the people of this world...

  Qin Yu's face froze, I didn't expect to be here, in such awkward situation, facing the old version of 'Li Wei', I heard such a sentence. What is the reaction? Scream? Still denied?

Lan Qin Yu's move was to hold the old man's hand and stare at the old man in tears, and meet the high man!

She feels like playing through! There must be a person who knows that he is not a human being in this world, so it is more interesting and meaningful! There is a feeling of being able to talk casually! pretty!

"Old man, are you familiar with the five elements and gossip, will you watch the stars like the Fengyun?"

"No, no, the old man, I don't understand such complicated things, and I can't learn. The brains are not suitable for me."

Qin Yu got black lines, no brains, that's an idiot ......

The old man narrowed his eyes, smiled proudly:. "I do not know, but I know brothers, he Babel machine, Xiao future, but not weapons and I in contrast, do not know what the five elements of astrology, a martial arts masterpiece, With my brother, I am invincible!"

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