Headaches Make Him Bipolar ?

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"Thanks for the food. I'm gonna go back to my room now. Come on, Wil," I wiped my mouth with a napkin.

Breakfast had been awkward. No one spoke, and we ate in an uncomfortable silence. Refusing to stay in the awkward situation, I ate quickly and went back to my room with William in tow.

I grabbed a book and laid down on my bed to read. I was almost done with the chapter when William's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Are you going to answer my question?" William arched a brow.

I thought for a moment, slightly confused. "What question?"

He sighed before getting up from his makeshift bed on the floor and coming over to my bed. He laid down beside me, stretching.

"Do you think of me that way often?"

I blushed and chose not to further my embarrassment by answering him.

"Can I take that as a yes?"


"Well, then say something. Give me an answer."

"Don't talk to me that way William."



"Maybe you do, or maybe you don't?"

"Just maybe," I said rolling my eyes with a hint of a smile.

He smiled, "I suppose maybe is good."

I laughed. "Are you satisfied now?"


"Good. Now let me read."

His smile faded, and he brushed a hand through his hair, pausing to wince. He nodded and turned away from me, laying down. I chose not to tell him to get off my bed. While I read and he rested, I heard my mom and Ethan leave.

It would have been nice of them to say something before leaving the house.

I rolled my eyes, but continued reading. After a while, I got tired of my book and turned on my tv. I heard William groan, but I wrote it off as a bad dream.

Maybe he was dreaming of the hunters.

I rubbed his back in sympathy, and he relaxed a bit.

I was watching Everything, Everything when I felt a new weight on my stomach. When I looked down, I saw that William had turned over, and his arm landed on my stomach.

I tried to pry his arm off of me, but he only cuddled closer. I sighed and focused back on the movie, not wanting to bother him.

I felt like the astronaut and the girl in the movie right now. Trapped. I hadn't seen him sleep, but I didn't want him all over me because it made me feel weird.

His face was in my neck and I could feel every deep breath he took. Every exhale fanned across my neck. He groaned again and his arm tightened around me.

Wow. Even in his sleep, he's running all over you. If it's uncomfortable, do something about it.

I agreed with my conscience, but the thing was... It wasn't uncomfortable.

"Will. Wake up," I shook his shoulder, trying to push him off. "Will."

"Hush kitten," he mumbled.

"Kitten?! Where the hell did that come from? And if you're awake, get off."

"I'm going to call you kitten for two reasons. One. You are adorable. Like a kitten. Two. You're sweet, but when you're scared you lash out and try to act brave. Just like a little kitten. Can you stop talking now?"

I was appalled. What had happened to the sweet Will who was adorable because he didn't know anything about the modern world. This is ridiculous.

"I'm just trying to calm down. Being around you aids in that. But you're giving me a headache, and it really hurts. So please stop talking."


William POV

I could see that she was offended, and it hurt me. However, my head felt like someone had taken a hammer and twenty nails to it. Being around her helped ease both my pain and attitude.

My way of dealing pain has always been moody solitude. Right now I couldn't exactly be in solitude. But I was definitely moody.

The more she talked, the worse my headache got. So the worse my attitude was.

I made her stop talking. I would apologize for my rudeness later. I grunted at the sudden sharp pain in my head, and pulled her closer.

"If I'm making your pain so much worse, why are you clinging to me like a child?" I could hear the anger in her voice.

I winced and shoved my face closer into her neck. "I'm really trying not to be rude, kitten." I kissed her neck, "so please. Be quiet."

I felt her stiffen under my arm and smirked against her neck. I kissed her neck again, and she shuddered, breathing out slowly.

I nibbled at her neck before licking the tender skin. She moaned, and instead of the noise paining my head, the pain was reduced.

I furrowed my brows in confusion, the smiled.

I can work with this.

I unwrapped my arm from around her and instead placed it on her stomach as I turned on my side. I slid my hand downward and into her shorts.

Oh my god. She's soaked.

I let out a sound that was a mixture of a growl and a groan. I was so amazed I almost didn't feel her small, delicate hands clutching my wrist.

I looked at her face and saw fear in her eyes. Realization hit me like a train. "Y-you've never been touched?"

She shook her head vigorously and blushed. I nodded and kissed her neck once more. "May I?"

She looked to be having a debate within herself before nodding. She let go of my wrist and I slid my hand into her panties.

She gasped when my cold fingers found her clit and drew slow, small circles on her sensitive bud. She bit her lip as she bucked into my hand.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, "Stop holding back."

She let out a moan that not only subdued my headache but also woke up my arousal.

She squirmed as I sped up. "Wh- what is t-this?"

I smiled at her innocence and continued stimulating her bundle of nerves. I wanted her to come apart in my hands.

"Will," she moaned my name and my cock jumped. I groaned.

"Will, stop. I'm- I'm gonna pee."

I almost laughed.

"You're not going to urinate, Lillian."

I stopped long enough to get off the bed and drag her shorts and underwear down her long legs. I pulled her to the edge of the bed.

I used my thumb to trace her clit, and had to use my other hand to hold down her hips. She let out a breathy moan when I drug my tongue up her slit. I replaced my thumb with my tongue.

She let out a mixture between a moan and a groan before coming in my mouth. She screamed when she came, and I loved it.

I sat up and licked my lips, pushing her shorts back up, "You taste delicious."

She stared at me for a moment before throwing the covers over her head and repeating, "oh my god. Please be a dream."

"Sure, kitten."

I got back into my bed on the floor and laid down, my headache and my sour mood long gone.

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